$1,000 offered for President Warren Harding’s stolen dog collar

MARION, Ohio (AP) — A radio station serving President Warren G. Harding’s Ohio hometown says a reward from one of its listeners gives new hope of finding a long-lost dog collar. long stolen from its historic home.

Scott Spears, host of a morning radio show on WWGH-FM in Marion, near the birthplace of the 29th president, said the donor of the $1,000 reward asked to remain anonymous. Spears informed listeners of the offer on “Now With Scott Spears” last week.

He said the station had deposited the money in a local bank and would act as an intermediary on any advice offered to solve the mystery.

The antique collar belonged to Harding’s Airedale terrier. It was the only thing stolen from his home on a Tuesday in 2012. A gardener found a ladder leaning against a second story window. This sparked speculation that the thief had already visited the house and knew where to look for the necklace.

Made in 1923, the collar has the dog’s name, “Laddie Boy”, engraved on it in raised letters surrounded by hearts.

Elizabeth J. Harless