20 Movies Like Saw You Need To See Next

“Don’t Breathe” is a perfect example of a movie that will make you desperately want to take a shower after watching it. The film is directed by Fede Álvarez, the same creative force behind the reimagining of “Evil Dead” and the upcoming sequel to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Much like in “Evil Dead”, Álvarez uses his keen eye for run-down places to masterful effect. Three Detroit youths have a pretty solid hustle to break into homes and get away with various goodies. They find what appears to be the score of a lifetime: $300,000 held in the home of Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang).

It seems to be their easiest job yet, with the only real risk seeming to be Norman’s size dog. However, shortly after breaking in, the trio quickly learn that Norman is not what he seems. The film shines with its relentless suspense, stomach-churning twists, anxiety-inducing third act, and believable performances. Jane Levy is particularly impressive as Rocky, a character who is both relatable and resourceful. We must not forget Stephen Lang who, with his gruff voice and intimidating physique, embodies a completely convincing psychopath. From its opening sequence to its final moments, “Don’t Breathe” will have your heart ready to leap down your throat.

Elizabeth J. Harless