26 stylish maternity clothes

When you’re pregnant, sportswear quickly becomes a pain point. But don’t worry, maternity workout clothes to the rescue. Do you really need to invest? Definitely, yes. Exercise is hugely important during pregnancy, as is a stylish and comfortable assortment of leggings, sports bras, and tops to guide you through your modality of choice. And trust, there are telltale signs when it’s time to make the switch.

A clear clue: multi-stretch and compressive fabrics are suddenly intolerable. Or the moment when those mid or high waistbands that once sat comfortably begin to drop to an uncomfortable low point. Likewise, from the first sight of a growing bump, those cute crop tops and matching workout sets including sports bras you once wore with confidence feel a little too bare. Cook over-the-bump leggings, shorts and joggers, soft and stretchy workout tank tops and breathable top layers like t-shirts, sweatshirts and long sleeves. Oh, and the underwear too.

As with other maternity clothes, the solution could be as simple as buying your favorite workout outfit in larger sizes as you grow. But at some point during the trimesters, you’ll need a little extra support that maternity-specific sportswear is designed to provide. So keep scrolling to check out 26 stylish maternity clothes for yoga, Pilates, long walks and more.

Athletics Daily Sport Pack

The easiest way to build your maternity activewear collection? With Storq’s Bump Friendly Training Pack.

Love the Bump Maternity Pocket Dye Midi Legging

Once you try on a pair of Beyond Yoga leggings, you won’t want to wear anything else. (The same goes for their ultra-soft maternity tops and shorts.)

Zen wrap cardigan

This ballet-inspired cardigan will wrap beautifully around your belly to show it off in style.

Dri-FIT Swoosh Medium Support Padded Maternity Sports Bra

Nike’s maternity workout clothes are some of the best, like this medium support padded sports bra. Bonus: the criss-cross style will come in handy when nursing.

Cross Back Maternity Tank Top

Blanqi’s Maternity Workout Tank Top Sold Out quickly. So get your hands on a stat for comfortable workouts throughout all three trimesters.

Maternity Ribbed Tank Top

Yes to wearing crop tops during pregnancy. Although if you’re modest about the belly, most won’t show any skin when paired with leggings on the bump.

Body ribbed bike shorts

Pregnancy is no reason to give up your favorite cycling shorts. This seamless ribbed pair is designed to move, stretch and grow with you from the first to the fourth trimester.

Active Maternity and Nursing Top

A long-sleeved workout top that works effectively for breastfeeding is worth investing in when creating your maternity activewear assortment.

Midnight Seamless Maternity Leggings

Like everything Girlfriend Collective makes from recycled plastic, the brand’s maternity leggings are a cult item and are selling out fast.

Grow with Me maternity and postpartum thong

Underwear is one of the first things that starts to feel uncomfortable when your body starts to change. If you love a seamless thong under your workout leggings and shorts, Kindred Bravely provides incredible comfort throughout pregnancy and beyond.

2-Pack Velvety Soft Maternity Leggings

Felina’s Maternity Workout Leggings are light and buttery soft, so ideal for low impact workouts like yoga or Pilates.

maternity tank top

This maternity workout tank top is made from ultra-soft fabric and features side ruching for flexibility on your growing belly.

Easy Access Nursing Hoodie

Pull on this comfy maternity hoodie while warming up or post-workout. Keep it rotating after baby arrives – it’s designed with hidden zippers for easy breastfeeding access.

Speed ​​Up High Waisted Shorts

At Lululemon Align leggings are a favorite among expectant mothers, although not a maternity-specific style. (Again, size is usually key.) The brand’s high-rise Speed-Up Shorts offer the same flexibility at the waist if you’re a shorts girl.

Wild Thing Bra

Alo’s Wild Thing Bra isn’t maternity specific, but the wide straps and thick band make it a stylish and supportive option during pregnancy.

Flared leggings before and after

Step aboard the flare legging train during your pregnancy in H&M’s ribbed maternity style.

Move Split-Back Yoga Tank Top

When you love a fitted silhouette but crave more coverage, a split back tank top is the perfect layer to cinch your tummy.

Greeting Jogger

Thanks to the soft, flexible waistband, the Salutation Joggers from Athleta are a workout favorite with thousands of rave reviews from customers, including aspiring athletes.

Long seamless tie-dye bralette

Wear this seamless stretchy bralette as a sports bra or over it for extra support – the soft, flexible fabric will keep you feeling comfortable as you grow.

24/7 high waisted leggings

This ultra-soft pair of FP Movement leggings are so flexible they stretch over incipient bumps for an extremely comfortable fit.

Maternity Training Jacket

Stay warm in this maternity training jacket made from moisture-wicking fabric. Zipped sides allow it to grow with you throughout the trimesters for unrestricted freedom of movement.

3-Stripe Cotton Maternity Joggers

Don’t like leggings? No problem. Instead, try a pair of bump-friendly joggers for workouts of all kinds.

Upsie Belly® Pregnancy Support Band

Due to the hormone relaxin produced during pregnancy, you will quickly notice that your back gets tired whether you are working out or not. A lump support bandage will help relieve pressure and pain, especially during exercise, even before the lump gets big.

Studio Maternity Long Sleeve Crop Top

This long-sleeved crop top will fit perfectly over your over-the-bump maternity leggings.

Secret Fit Belly Maternity Yoga Pants

The Maternity Yoga Pants from Motherhood are perfect for gentle stretching sessions and prenatal yoga.

all day long sleeve

This super soft (and super stretchy) long sleeve t-shirt with thumbholes is a comfortable layer to wear over sports bras during or before and after workouts.

The Bump Luxury Brief

These over-the-bump underwear are lightweight, supportive and flexible during exercise if you prefer full coverage. Bonus: they also make maternity jeans infinitely more comfortable as a base layer (the irritation from the sewn-in stretch panels is real).

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