6 things we saw at Premios Juventud that weren’t televised

Maybe a Banda tribute to Puerto Rico wasn’t the best choice

Location is important. While Banda MS and Grupo Firme’s Tribute to 10 years of death to Jenni Rivera it might have sounded like an “unforgettable baby”, in person it was different. No one was up and dancing to the absolutely lit tribute to his hits, “No Llega el Olvido”, “Ya Lo Sé”, “Basta Ya” and “Inolvidable”. But to some extent, that’s to be expected — Puerto Rico isn’t necessarily a hotbed for Jenni fans. If this had been in Los Angeles, you probably would have seen everyone standing there singing and crying the songs that made La Diva de la Banda one of the most recognized artists on the Mexican regional scene.

We have also seen this logistical challenge at other events. For example, the Verzuz Latin premiere in Los Angeles with DJ Nelson and Luny Tunes during MLB All-Star Week. LA is not historically your go-to reggaeton town. We have underground parties here and there, but it’s not like in other American cities with a big Caribbean community like Miami or New York. Had he been there, the audience reaction would likely have been bigger and more excited.

But back to Jenni’s tribute. He even felt After embarrassing when her children received the Agent of Change award. When one of Rivera’s daughters mispronounced the word “hurricane” during the acceptance speech, we heard the audience laugh at her broken Spanish. It was the icing on the cake: although we are all Latins, it is a pity that there are prejudices among us.

While Banda MS and Grupo Firme’s output – from the stage to the musical arrangements – was excellent, a banda tribute just didn’t seem optimal in Puerto Rico. La Banda’s Diva deserved better, in terms of fan reaction and location. But on a positive note, for those interested in Jenni’s upcoming music, during the red carpet, her children shared with Remezcla that they are working with Banda MS’ Sergio Lizárraga and that listeners will be able to “feel her, if deep in the music”. .”

Elizabeth J. Harless