A cut above: 2022 saw the repository technical update

Williams & White
Williams & White’s latest addition, the Hammerhead 3000, is an all-in-one bandsaw processing center designed to automatically tension and level a bandsaw with ease. The H3000 delivers the quality and consistency the industry has come to expect – that’s why sawmills and saw makers around the world choose the Hammerhead 3000 for their saw file needs.

Iseli – Saw Oleson
Oleson Saw, a division of York Saw & Knife Co. Inc. and Iseli & Co. of Switzerland, introduced the new BNA100 plasma stellite tilting machine and BNF100 4-axis CNC double-sided grinder for the application and l maintenance of stellite tip bandsaw blades in the forest products industry. The new BNA100 is Iseli’s version of the older Vollmer GPA200. Building on the success of the GPA200 platform, Iseli retained the mechanics of the machine while adding its own improved controller. Fast, reliable parts and service for Iseli machines are provided by Oleson Saw from their locations in York, Pennsylvania or Post Falls, Idaho.

key knife
Key Knife developed the HY2 SPIRAL chipping heads to aid mills in their efforts to increase canter feed rates to unprecedented levels, some exceeding 900 fpm. HY2 SPIRAL heads use a spiral knife configuration which produces a smooth cutting action resulting in excellent board finish and chip quality. The durable Ridge XL knife is reputable, in many cases multiple times, significantly reducing knife costs. Consumable parts are standardized to allow for part rotation and to keep inventory costs low.

With extensive experience as a manufacturer of sawing equipment, BID understands the challenges sawmills face in achieving high performance while maintaining the quality of finished products and wood chips. This is why BID decided to design and manufacture its own cutting tools. BID manufactures conical heads, cylindrical heads and profiling heads, and can install complete head assemblies on equipment from other suppliers. As an OEM and supplier of cutting tools, BID offers its customers access to an extensive network of sawing specialists and high quality service so they can be sure that all their concerns will be addressed.

pointed tool
Sharp Tool Co. has a highly skilled team with extensive knowledge of carbide products, saw blades, machinery, knives and many other products. Staff are trained to provide sound advice and top quality products. Sharp Tool stocks a wide range of carbide products, circular saws, chipper knives, bits, rods, grinding wheels and supplies. Sharp Tool’s specialty is saw blades for the primary woodworking market. The company is one of the largest producers of circular saws in the United States with capacities ranging from 2 inch OD to 52 inch OD.

The DK-Spec Filex MK2nx is a multi-functional knife grinder featuring a touch screen or physical buttons, a new wireless remote control handle for easy setup, LV side head, cutting head with a straight knife and a finger assembly head. Possible robotic loading for high volume grinding of a straight knife is also available. Users can access troubleshooting and update options remotely through a private VPN. It also comes with full internal OMRON Ethercat servo drives or HMI network and fully updatable HMI and PLC software. The machine is secured by automatic operation with an intelligent electronic door lock. It also includes a 240/480 kilogram overhead crane with a low speed electric hoist.

Round Saw-ADD measures the radial sawing and guiding friction forces on the outside of the saw through the arbor. These forces are sensed half a second earlier than motor current, reducing peak stresses on the saws, allowing them to last longer. Round Saw-ADD requires little to no maintenance and increases your throughput by up to 18% with higher quality lumber and no saw wreckage. It can be installed on most machines. The Bandsaw-ADD integrates force sensors into the lower guide block bracket and measures lateral forces on the saw blade for increases of up to 8% with little or no maintenance.

Supersaul Chemmex
Supersaul Chemmex has developed a practical and efficient way to reduce sawing consumables for guided saw systems. The company decided to explore the implementation of its lubrication technologies in equipment in a practical and efficient way. Users familiar with Supersaul’s Guide Lube are aware of the benefits. These benefits can now be enjoyed regardless of a saw filer’s preferred lubricant. The new hardware incorporates design efficiencies that not only save on daily and monthly consumables, but also provide excellent sawing performance improvements. Savings on saw cabinet consumables should be at least 25%.

The Vollmer CHX 840 HS grinding machine for carbide-tipped circular saw blades up to 840 mm (33 inch) in diameter machines the faces and tops of the teeth in a single clamping to reduce set-up time thanks to a double grinding wheel. With five CNC-controlled axes, the CHX 840 can machine saw blades with all common tooth geometries. The HS automation solution provides automatic loading of the CHX for unmanned operation for up to seven hours.

This machine is ideal for sawmill operators, sharpening specialists and furniture makers. Now available for demonstration at Vollmer’s brand new showroom and training facility in Pittsburgh, PA.

Programming tooth shapes remains a major challenge for many customers. The Iseli Tooth Tracing System (TTS) can help. The tooth shape of the saw you wish to imitate can be automatically detected by an acoustic sensor and saved as the tooth shape of your choice. The data obtained is then used for sharpness in the recipe. Parameters such as tooth profile, hook and back angles, tooth height, pitch and variable depths, etc., are automatically determined and saved by the program. This process allows the exact reproduction of existing tooth shapes directly on the machine without great effort.

Wood fiber group
Wood Fiber Group provides state-of-the-art cutting tools, cutting tool maintenance equipment, equipment technical service and professional training for saw filers to help customers get the most out of their operations. The company’s cutting tool brands include BGR Saws, Cut Tech and Simonds International. Wood Fiber Group has announced a new 3D modeling service to help clients ensure that new capital investments will fit both physically into their filing room and functionally into their work process. The company can demonstrate how new Wright, Armstrong, Kirschner, Vollmer or Simonds equipment will best fit into the company’s operations.

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Elizabeth J. Harless