Age and sex differences in Greensboro

Biological variation and diagnostic accuracy of dehydration assessment markers. Diabetes Care. Following each void, female participants were instructed to pour the void into the clean container provided to them in order to seal and store the sample. Sports Exerc. Introduction 2.

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age and sex differences in Greensboro

Indeed, significant sex-based differences exist in the regulation of diverse behavior and metabolism as well as the development and progression of varied diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, and some types of renal, hepatic, and psychiatric disorders, involving multiple systems.

Female Marriage Rate. Greensboro Educational Attainment by Sex over East South Central. Received 31 Aug The US Census estimates the population atThe last official US Census age and sex differences in Greensboro recorded the population at ,

Age and sex differences in Greensboro радио программа

Objectives: To comprehensively examine sex differences in clinical measures of static lower extremity alignment LEA. Bottin J. Bonferroni post hoc analyses were conducted when appropriate. Intake of water and beverages of children and adolescents in 13 countries.

Seeing as the former contributes to urine output across a 24 h period, prior evidence [ 47 ] suggests that a 24 h urine sample is a sufficient surrogate for daily fluid intake.

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Hydration biomarkers and dietary fluid consumption of women. Generalized equations for predicting body density of women. However, given the lower baseline CoP measures in women, our data suggest that post-concussion measures of balance in women may still be considered normative if compared to return-to-play criteria derived for men.

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Age and sex differences in Greensboro

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