Age and sex specific mortality rates in Rotherham

Mitchell R, Popham F. This article has been corrected. They are also used to carry out further analysis on, for example: life expectancy, health expectancy, causes of death and to further analyse infant mortality. This study is the first to examine the association between green space and health at the city level in England.

Revisions and corrections Date of revision Dates affected Comment There have been no revisions or corrections. It is a widely used measure of health status because it reflects the health of the mother and infant during pregnancy and the year age and sex specific mortality rates in Rotherham.

Does gender modify associations between self rated health and the social and economic characteristics of local environments?

Skip directly to site content Skip directly to page options Skip directly to A-Z link. For the first half of the year January to Junepopulations age and sex specific mortality rates in Rotherham the current year and the previous year are used; for the second half of the year July to Decemberpopulations for the current year and the following year are used.

Compared with Julythe mortality rate in July has declined significantly for both males and females aged 75 years and over in England. View all data used in this Statistical bulletin. Mortality rates in Wales show a similar pattern over time, decreasing from 1, This register is based on age and sex specific mortality rates in Rotherham law and diagnoses are imported from death certificate undersigned by a physician and double-checked by medical experts at regional level and at Statistics Finland.

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Because different populations may also have different age distributions, YPLL rates are usually age-adjusted to eliminate the effect of differing age distributions. Why are women so superior? This comparison of two proportionate mortalities is called a proportionate mortality ratio ,or PMR for short.

Monthly mortality rates We publish the mid-year population estimates used for calculating rates; these are age and sex specific mortality rates in Rotherham available up to The World Population Prospects publication provides United Nations population estimates for all countries in the world for each year between and and projections under different scenarios low, medium and high for each year between and

Is the infant mortality rate a ratio? Others have analysed green space in proximity of a residential address using a circular buffer of various diameters [ 22 — 23 ]. The city might be too coarse, with insufficient exposure contrast between units to show, what is presumably, a very small health effect, especially for crude health end points such as mortality.

Age and sex specific mortality rates in Rotherham

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