Barça unveil their new kit for the 2022/23 season

FC Barcelona has officially presented its new clothes for the 2022/23 campaign. Following the ‘Footy Headlines’ portal will reveal the possible uniforms that the club would use in the next course, a post on social media confirmed that the design of the pledge house will be exactly the same. However, this new “look” has several details that cannot be overlooked.

The first big news is the change of sponsor, which will become ‘Spotify’ after the agreement with ‘Rakuten’ has expired. The logo of the ‘streaming’ music company is located in the front part of the T-shirt, with a gold color that stands out. Another of the changes is the logo of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR/ACNUR) just under the backbone replacing that of Unicef.

Its new design revives the traditional vertical bands that alternate blue and grana, although this time incorporates a second darker blue which is also present in the sleeves and on the sides. As a non-inferior detail, the T-shirts that the players will use on the field and the replicas for the supporters will be made with 100% recycled polyester, made with plastic bottles.

With reference to its available price, the edition for both female and male fans has a value of 89.99 euroswhile that of player amounts to 144.99 euros in its male version and reaches 154.99 euros for the female version with the logo of the Champions. This new uniform is inspired by the 30 anniversary of the Olympic Games in Barcelona 92′under the concept of ‘The flame follows alive’ and what marked this period for the Catalan capital.

Second and third equipment

As for the other uniforms that continue without being officially unveiled, ‘Footy Headlines’ assures that the visitor’s will be golden in color and with ‘obsidian’ blue typography. This design would be very similar to the one that dressed the club during the 2003/04 campaign, precisely the first season of Joan Laporta as president of the institution. Finally, the third T-shirt would be of a color similar to white, with a Blaugrana cross crossing the torso.

Elizabeth J. Harless