Best travel clothes 2022: The most comfortable clothes to wear on the plane

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So you booked that (maybe a bit) overpriced flight for the next one travel season. Now what? Start by checking your packing list. While commuter gadgets like portable chargers and noise-cancelling headphones aren’t a given, those long days of travel ahead of you can (almost) be a breeze, thanks to the best new travel-friendly clothing.

Here are some of our tips on what to pack for your next trek and the best gear to wear on the plane – and pack in your luggage.

What are the best travel-friendly clothes?

First and foremost, whatever you wear should be comfortable. What this means for each person will be different, but things like fabric, fit and packability of items will pay off when you’re on a flight and commuting. Here’s everything you need to think about when shopping for travel apparel and accessories.

Comfort, fit and fabric: The slightly stretchy fabric can help keep you comfortable on a long flight or commuting. We’ve prioritized clothes that provide a bit more room so you can move around easily or feel comfortable if you’re sitting for hours in a small airplane seat. Some garments even come with moisture-wicking materials that can help you feel fresh even if you’re far from your destination.

Compressibility: This feature is important. If you’re not carrying your gear, will it be easy to store and fit in your carry-on, checked baggage, or backpack? We recommend trying to wear versatile pieces that can be stored easily or that you can wear in multiple situations. Shoes are usually a difficult item to pack because they take up the most space, so think about where you’re going and what kind of shoes you’ll need the most.

More importantly, with the recent update Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel Guidelinesit is still essential for vaccinated (and unvaccinated) people to protect themselves and other travelers by wearing a mask this season.

“Wearing a mask over your nose and mouth is mandatory on airplanes, buses, trains, and other public transportation to, within, or outside the United States and abroad. ‘inside U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and train stations,’ the CDC recommends.

The best travel clothes

Below, we’ve rounded up the best goggles, jackets, and our favorite clothes to make your next trip more practical, comfortable, and yes, a little more stylish too.

1. H_llo Friend Ultra Mask 1.0

Courtesy Image

Say hello to the H_llo Friend Ultra Mask 1.0, without which you literally can’t fly right now. This reusable mask is available in about 20 different styles and colors, from olive to charcoal. We love that it comes with eyeglass wearers’ favorite feature: a moldable nose bridge, plus a five-layer filter. It is available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL, so you can order them for your whole family.

To buy:
H_llo Friend Ultra Mask 1.0

2. Katin Trails Pants


Courtesy of Huckberry

Few travelers want to sit on a plane in tight, uncomfortable jeans. Katin’s Trails Comfortable Pants are our current favorite travel pants for flying. They are simple and casual, but still look modern and stylish at the same time. They’re easier to wear than other pants thanks to the cotton canvas and a bit of spandex, and feature both a drawstring, deep pockets, and button closures at the back. Better yet, you can wear them right off the plane straight into happy hour drinks.

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Katin Trails Pants

3. Penny Johnston & Murphy Hayes Loafers


Courtesy of Zappos

One of the biggest celebrity favorite shoe trends right now is downright classic: leather loafers. This pair from Johnston & Murphy costs less than $100, but offers a timeless and expensive pair of shoes that you can wear for travel and formal events. They’re minimal enough to be easy to pack in your suitcase, and we love how easily they slide in when going through airport security.

Going on a business trip? These easily take you from the airplane cabin to the conference room.

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Johnston & Murphy Hayes Loafers

4. Classic Vans Slip-On Core


Courtesy of Zappos

If you’re not looking for something dressier, opt for a more casual pair of slip-on sneakers, like these Vans Classics. They go with everything from pants to jeans, buttons to graphic tees. And, just like the loafers above, they come in handy when your flight is already boarding and you don’t have time to tie up your kicks.

To buy:
Vans Slip-On Core Classics

5. Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned Training Socks


Courtesy of Nike

Even though we bought them for training, we constantly travel with these cushioned Nike socks on our feet. Sure, socks are easy to forget, but putting on a well-made pair is more important than you think when earning those miles. They are made with Nike’s famous Dri-Fit technology, offer great breathability and wick away unwanted moisture. In other words, everything you want for a day where you’ll be on your feet all day.

To buy:
Nike Everyday Socks
$22 (pack of 6)

6. Compression socks


Comrad recycled cotton compression socks


If you’re settling in for a long flight, you’ll want to wear compression socks instead, which can help promote circulation when you’re seated for a long time. It might help relieve discomfort, cramps, and fatigue.

As the name suggests, the best compression socks for travel work by gently “tightening” around your feet and lower leg, help rejuvenate blood flow to your legs to keep them feeling fresh and alert. Many swear by compression socks to help relieve symptoms that stem from varicose veins and excessive fluid retention.

This Comrad’s practical socks are sized for unisex use and come in four different colors.

To buy:
Comrad recycled cotton compression socks

7. Everlane French Terry Crew Unisex Sweatshirt


We never leave home without first putting on a soft and comfortable crew neck sweatshirt. This unisex cotton crew neck from Everlane is available in three different colors and seven different sizes. The company claims that the longer you wear it, the softer it will start to feel. And if there’s one thing you want when you’re in the air, it’s a soft layer to keep you warm when you can’t control the air conditioning in flight.

To buy:
Everlane French Terry Crew…

8. Blazer Flint & Tinder Pack

Wills Stretch Wool Blazer


The best travel-friendly clothing is extremely versatile and stylish. This stretchy wool blazer from Wills checks both of those boxes and, while it looks like your fancier blazers and suits, it can easily be stowed away in your carry-on. We love its large pockets, which allow you to carry and keep track of items like your passport, headphones and wallet as you head to your gate. You will particularly appreciate the light viscose fabric on the inside and its stretchy and breathable wool blend to accompany you through all the changes of season. Wear it over a crew neck sweater or with your favorite t-shirt. Either way, you’ll get what you pay for with this one.

To buy:
Wills Stretch Wool Blazer

9. Lululemon Warp Lightweight Packable Jacket


Courtesy of Lululemon

If you’re trying to pack light, you’ll need an extra layer that won’t take up a ton of space like this Lululemon Warp Light Packable Jacket. It folds into its own pocket when you’re not wearing it, and its water-repellent finish is essential when you don’t have an umbrella with you. It’s designed for workouts, but it’ll work just as well on the go thanks to an easy-to-reach phone pocket and four-way stretch fabric.

To buy:
Lululemon Warp Packable Lightweight Jacket

10. Amazon Essential Full-Zip Hoodie

amazon hoodie


Nothing makes travel gear easier and more comfortable than a hoodie. A zip-up hoodie like this from Amazon’s home fashion line keeps you warm during the flight and during your travels, while giving you two pockets for your phone, passport and other essentials you need. need nearby.

The full zip allows you to easily remove your hoodie at the safety line, while the durable cotton-blend construction is fully machine washable, making your post-trip laundry easier. Choose from over 30 colors and a multitude of sizes online.

To buy:
Amazon Essentials Full-Zip Hoodie

11. Kyoto Mono Pants


Courtesy Monos

Monos is your one-stop-shop for travel, with a selection of luggage, packing cubes and now, travel-friendly clothing. We love the brand’s Kyoto pants because they’re extremely comfortable. More importantly, they are also very light and easy to roll up in your bag.

Choose from multiple colors in clean, streamlined silhouettes and unisex sizes.

To buy:
Kyoto Mono Pants

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