Billie Eilish represents underground metal and shirt punk bands on stage

Indie pop superstar Billie Eilish is anything but conventional and, on stage this month, she wore a shirt designed to evoke the look of a patch jacket and featured a number of metal and punk bands underground, as well as other top names such as Motorhead and Misfits.

It’s not the first time that Eilish, who is currently touring in support of last year’s second album happier than ever, took over heavy music with his stage clothes. In 2019, she appeared in a bizarre shirt with the torso split into three designs to unite Type O Negative, Rob Zombie and Cradle of Filth into one garment.

Type O Negative guitarist Kenny Hickey even voiced his absolute support for Eilish, not only for portraying his band on his shirt, but also for her talent as a musician and artist.

Now singing Eilish’s praises are Ghoul’s death mutants, who hail from Creepsylvania (don’t tell them we told you or they might chop our heads off, but Ghoul really are a couple of Impaled bloody guys, along with a few others, and they’re from Oakland, California).

Maybe Ghoul was tipped off or maybe they were huddled around their computer, phone, tablet, or whatever internet-enabled device they could get their hands on in the sewers, watching live footage of the sewers. ‘Eilish because she’s a badass performer with great songs. Hey, we’re not here to judge and you shouldn’t be either!

The band posted two photos of Eilish on stage, showing different angles of the patch-like shirt, which Ghoul is featured on at least twice.

Also represented are punk bands Anti Cimex, The Last Resort and others.

Beneath Ghoul’s pair of Instagram posts highlighting their inclusion on Eilish’s shirt design is video footage from her June 11 show at London’s O2, where you can see more angles of the design of the shirt.

Billie Eilish represents Punk + Metal on shirt on stage

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