Billie Eilish wears Rob Zombie shirt on stage, Rob Zombie approves

We understand why some of our readers might not like Billie Eilish. Our young readers might see her as today’s biggest pop star and therefore object to metal; our older readers might see her as a groundhog teenage girl who doesn’t play an instrument (or they like her, or don’t fucking care). But there’s no denying that Billie has shown an appreciation for metal in the past, albeit fun, costume metal like Cradle of Filth, Type O and Rob Zombie. It was that last act that Billie rocked on stage the other night, leading Rob himself to repost a photo of her.

Okay, so three things. The first is give it to Rob Zombie: he has a knack for making shirts that truly look like a mother’s nightmare. Everything about this shirt seems tailor-made to offend a smothering parent, and we commend him for keeping it that way for so long. At this point in their career, many bands try to make their merchandising more understated or “classic”, but here Zombie is saying the kind of stuff and displaying the kind of art that will disappoint the people who raised us, it’s guaranteed.

Second, it’s a reminder that Rob is ready to venture into territory that many other metal bands fear to tread: colorful merchandising. Color has always been a big part of Rob’s job since the days of the white zombies, and that fearlessness in the face of magenta and tie-dye leaves him in a good position to sell a lot of shirts to Gen Z, who seem to love shirts. bright colors. ass neon colors.

Finally, it doesn’t strike us as controversial as, say, a celebrity wearing a fashionable Cannibal Corpse shirt. I mean, Rob Zombie is just huge. Everyone owns a Rob Zombie shirt.

Check out the image below:

[Via our friends at The Pit]

Elizabeth J. Harless