Biometric dog collar monitors your dog’s vital signs, keeps tabs on current location

Thanks to the pandemic, we have realized the importance of regularly monitoring the body’s vital signs and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Now a company has seen the importance of the same for man’s best friend and has designed a dog collar that should keep tabs on your dog’s activity levels, heart and respiratory health with a medical precision.

As a pet owner, I often struggle to understand my dog’s health. Since the poor guy can’t talk, it’s hard to understand his pain without the help of the vet. With this new biometric health collar designed for dogs – which will eventually be miniaturized for puppies and cats – Invoxia aims to help many other pet owners like me, who can now continuously measure their dogs’ vital statistics, including breathing and heart rate.

Announced at CES 2022, the Invoxia smart dog collar, in addition to monitoring vital stats, also doubles as a GPS and activity tracker for your dog and uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and LTE-M for connectivity. It can keep a constant eye on the dog’s activity levels such as walking, running, resting, scratching and barking and even provide pet owners with data regarding their dog’s daily routine on the app that supports it. ‘accompanied.

For constant heart and respiratory health readings, this smart dog collar features radar sensors. The radar, according to Invoxia, sends out a radio signal which is reflected off the dog’s first layer of skin on the neck. The radar sensors are then able to “know the speed and movement of the skin just under the cervix”. The readings are tabulated by an algorithm to determine the animal’s heart rate and breathing rate.

Since we like the collar to sit freely and comfortably around our dogs’ necks, Invoixa took that into consideration and made their smart dog collar more responsive than the similar type of trackers in human smartwatches. So you can place the collar comfortably around the dog’s neck while being assured of its medical accuracy. The comfortable yet smart dog collar comes with an easy-to-wash removable fabric cover and is very aggressively priced at $99 with an additional $12.99 monthly subscription for GPS functions.

Some pet owners may be skeptical about attaching their dogs to an all-day health tracking and monitoring device and also feel like they don’t necessarily want to know vital signs. permanently. Invoxia believes that the smart dog collar will be beneficial for post-operative follow-up and health monitoring for dogs with respiratory or heart conditions. This dog collar is too important because heart and respiratory rates are the first and true indicators of preventative care and basic dog abnormalities can help owners and veterinarians detect disease at an early stage.

Designate: Invoxia

Elizabeth J. Harless