Brain sex differences amygdala damage in Kansas City

These results suggest that the amygdala may enhance intrahemispheric material-specific memory processing under conditions of emotional arousal Richardson et al. Goldstein, J. McGlone, J. Biological Psychiatry. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Characterization of the decision-making deficit of patients with ventromedial prefrontal cortex lesions. The male advantage in 5-HT2 receptors seems to derive particularly from frontal and cingulate cortices Biver et al. While the standard object location measure showed the expected female advantage, men and women performed at equivalent levels on the modified task.

Weiss, E.

Brain sex differences amygdala damage in Kansas City ошибаетесь

Together, results from these two studies suggest that the right amygdala—regardless of the integrity of the left amygdala—may be a necessary component of the neural circuitry critical for the recollection of unpleasant, highly intense autobiographical experiences.

The mouse brain in stereotaxic coordinates. Whole brain volumes were also determined. Weiss et al. Amsterdam: Swets and Zeitlinger; Pugh, K. The more developed animal literature seems to further indicate that sex differences in emotional memory peak when levels of ovarian hormones, particularly estrogen, are brain sex differences amygdala damage in Kansas City, and are minimal or absent when sex hormone levels are low.

  • Findings may help researchers understand why mental disorders present differently in males and females during adolescence. These brain areas have been implicated in the biology of several mental disorders that impact males and females differently.
  • Previous studies have indicated that men and women have different amygdala responses to novel vs familiar and valenced positive vs negative material.
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Nat Neurosci. Previous Section. Irwin D. Furthermore, while unilateral brain damage to the right or left consistently produces either spatial or verbal impairment, respectively, in men, no such consistent hemispheric pattern is evident in women Inglis and Lawson

Brain sex differences amygdala damage in Kansas City

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