Britain’s Got Talent judges stunned by bizarre great-grandmother audition which saw David Walliams go topless

Britain’s Got Talent has put on some wonderful performances throughout its 16-year run, but also sparked a lot of craziness with it. Viewers of Sunday night’s show were treated to one of the weirdest auditions in the show’s history, which came from the most unlikely sources.

Joy Weir, 77, took the stage as the new series kicked off at the London Palladium and told the judges she was from Whitburn in West Lothian, just down the road from Susan Boyle, one of most successful shows of all time. However, their auditions couldn’t have been more different.

Accompanied to the audition by her two granddaughters, Joy revealed that she has an amazing 21 grandchildren and 37 great-grandchildren. She added that she was motivated to do the show by her grandchildren, telling the judges, “I have to do it for them, don’t I?”

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Joy’s audition kicked off mundanely, as she stood smiling center stage as the intro to Beauty and the Beast’s “Tale As Old As Time” played over the PA system. However, what happened next took everyone in the audience and viewers back home completely by surprise. For more information about WalesOnline food events and stories you can subscribe to our newsletter here.

The music suddenly cut out and changed to a cover version of German techno band Scooter’s electronic dance track “The Logical Song,” with the great-grandmother beginning to shake her hips and gesticulate with her arms as she that she was starting an extraordinary dance routine. As the tempo began to pick up, she got the audience to their feet and had judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon applauding, while hosts Ant and Dec joined in the rave as they danced with glow sticks in the backstage.

However, it wasn’t long before another judge wanted in on the action, as David Walliams took the stage with Joy. Dancing with the 77-year-old on Artemesia’s Bits and Pieces and Darude’s Sandstorm, the Little Britain star took off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his torso, prompting disgusted Chief Justice Simon Cowell to press his buzzer.

At the end of the performance, Simon said David’s cameo was “awful”, while Amanda and Alesha stood to applaud Joy’s efforts, as well as the 4,000 people inside the theatre. While Simon was concerned about David putting his jacket back on, the other judges were thrilled with what they had just seen.

“I mean, come on, Joy by name, Joy by nature, right?” Alesha said. “Honestly, thank you for making us all happy and smiling.” The panel then had to decide whether or not to send it to the next round, with David kicking off the vote by saying, “Well, obviously I’m going to say yes!” Amanda and Alesha also said yes, while Simon added, “I don’t know what to say but you’ve qualified for the next round”, much to the delight of the audience.

Viewers at home were also bowled over by Joy’s hilarious performance. “Okay I was NOT expecting this. Y’all go Joy hun,” one person wrote on Twitter, with another adding, “I’d go clubbing with Joy for sure.” A third wrote: “What an amazing woman and what a big family. I guess the prize money will help with Christmas! It was great fun, that would be a yes from me for Joy!”

Others claimed the show had already found its champion in the 77-year-old, with one viewer saying she was the “best comedy ever on BGT”. Another wrote: ‘Finally the winner has arrived’, while a third added: ‘Joy is the winner we all deserve’. Britain’s Got Talent continues next Saturday at 8pm on ITV.

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Elizabeth J. Harless