BTS Jungkook’s Hot Silk Shirt Look We’re Dying For

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Is there anything BTS’s Jungkook can’t accomplish in this world? Not in my opinion. Brilliant dancer, possessor of an angelic, adaptable and powerful voice, with a passion for prints and an eye for film and photography, as well as skills in drawing, bowling, archery, video editing, writing songs and many more skills the list could go on forever and fill this whole page. The Golden Maknae, a title he earned for a reason, developed a steady interest in learning new things, and over time he revealed that fashion had become one of them. However, rather than just following trends, he developed his own look which is now widely recognized.

From his debut to the present day, he has experimented with many different looks and designated several pieces as Jungkook’s fashion statements, giving us some memorable clothes. Yes, there are hundreds of people who should be on this list, but these are some of the best known. This outfit has a certain understated elegance. The Chanel pin, studded belt, diamond-covered cuffs and ombre hair, while initially appearing to be just jeans and a silk shirt, are all understated but so skillfully put together that they truly belong in the track. The star looked beautiful in her shirt look and just rocked her fabulously.

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Elizabeth J. Harless