Even though BTS member Jungkook is the youngest, that doesn’t make him less in terms of charm. And behind the scenes, Jungkook’s clips and transparent stage footage are driving us crazy.

For the group performance of the hit “Butter” at SiriusXM, wearing a see-through shirt for stage wear is imprinted on our hearts. Jungkook is already famous for her boyfriend’s material appearance and deeds. And now this see-through outfit is catching everyone’s attention.

Speaking of charm, he can turn anyone away with the sexy body he has. The singer flexed his muscles so well that fans couldn’t resist and ended up watching him over and over again.

Thousands of ARMYs were struck by her sex appeal, simply admiring her stunning muscles with the phrase “Big Heart”.

And no doubt, it is he who makes us vibrate with his look. So let it be any outfit he can kill in anything. The particularly transparent outfit makes it more sexy in this monsoon. Jungkook’s perfect body looks sexier in a see-through shirt he’s often seen wearing. Its pointed jaw makes it more attractive.

And so we have to dig up some of her sexiest top sheer shirts. Check them!

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