BTS’s J-Hope looks more radiant than ever in a casual t-shirt worth a whopping Rs 1 lakh

BTS star J-Hope is someone you’re going to see everywhere these days. He literally became the talk of the town after the release of his solo album, jack in the box, and his epic performance at Lollapalooza Music Festival. But that’s not all since his songs also smash records on several charts.

While he is currently making the rounds with his music, there is also another thing that the idol will always make headlines for, and that is his fashion. No matter what he’s wearing, the rapper manages to grab everyone’s attention. Hobi likes to try different styles and original outfits. He often steps out in fancy clothes and we have to say that fans simply love him for it.

The reason behind this is that he comes out with such confidence and a ray of joy that even in a casual outfit, you can’t help but be impressed. He proves time and time again that it all depends on his “hopeful” personality.

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Recently, we got to see J-Hope’s charming and adorable side on the radio show, love game where he sat down with host Park Sohyun for a fun chat. He talked about a lot of things including his album, jack in the boxwhy he named it that, the support and reaction of the members, his Lollapalooza scene, how he trained for it, and many more.

After the interview, the king of Instagram did not forget to regale fans with a series of beautiful photos of him. Striking a pose in his casual yet elegant outfit, the Criminal fire the singer looks as confident and radiant as ever. He can be seen in a white t-shirt and light blue jeans.

Although it may look like a comfortable outfit, let us tell you that the cost, on the other hand, is not that high. Well, the cute T-shirt he was wearing cost 1,800,000 won which is about Rs 1 lakh in Indian money.

But it’s safe to say that we all fell in love with her look.

Elizabeth J. Harless