Charli XCX’s Praying t-shirt returns to reviews

I see you, Charli XCX.

My favorite pop girl just won fashion week with her latest cut, a very unsubtle clapback to the critics.

A few hours before the release of Charli’s latest album, crashthe queen of branded showers stepped out in a baby tee emblazoned with the old adage “They don’t build statues of critics.”

Made by Praying, Instagram’s favorite clothing brand, the top sends a pretty clear message: I literally don’t care if you like my new album.

She paired the sassy t-shirt with Y2K flares, a square-toe boot and JW Anderson’s new Bumper bag. Additionally, she wore the outfit to dinner at a restaurant called Sexy Fish. Icon behavior!

While public opinion of crash may vary, Charli won’t face industry criticism – Pitchfork’s Owen Myers gave the album a rave review, as did Rolling Stone’s Julyssa Lopez.

As Charli herself noted, crash isn’t just a trip down the road of bop – it’s a concept album that plays with the idea of ​​an artist “selling out”, an accusation frequently thrown at her.

With her clever outfit choice, Charli doubles down on her tongue-in-cheek persona, one who delights in the trappings of global stardom while poking fun at the fame machine.

Charli XCX is the funniest pop star around and if you don’t get her jokes, well, the joke is on you.

Elizabeth J. Harless