Cherokee Phoenix calls for 2022 reunion t-shirt designs | Culture

TAHLEQUAH — With its 2021 annual throwback t-shirt up for sale, the Cherokee Phoenix is ​​calling on Cherokee artists to submit design concepts for the news organization’s 2022 jersey.

The Cherokee Phoenix is ​​accepting full or nearly full drafts from Cherokee artists until midnight CST on January 1. Artists can send detailed concepts to [email protected]

For artists considering submitting ideas, if your concept is chosen and you sign a contract, the Cherokee Phoenix will own the work as it is considered a commissioned work. As for what staff members are looking for in a concept, we ask artists to “think Cherokee National Day” and include a phoenix. The phoenix doesn’t have to be the emblem of the Cherokee Phoenix.

In 2016, the Cherokee Phoenix commissioned Cherokee artist Buffalo Gouge to design their first t-shirt, which differed from the tribe’s Cherokee National Holiday shirts. For the 2017 T-shirt, the Cherokee Phoenix solicited artist submissions and chose Daniel HorseChief’s design. In 2018, the Cherokee Phoenix chose the design of Nathalie Standingcloud. In 2019, the Cherokee Phoenix selected Mallory Taylor’s design. In 2020, the news agency selected Codey Poindexter’s concept, and earlier this year the Cherokee Phoenix selected Kevin Baldridge’s design.

Baldridge’s t-shirt design features a phoenix and a seven-pointed star. Above the drawing, in Cherokee syllabary, are the words “Cherokee Phoenix”. Below the image, in English, are the words “CHEROKEE HOMECOMING”, along with “2021” and Baldridge’s signature.

“I wanted to energize it and make it come alive like the Cherokee Nation,” he said. “We will still be alive. We’ve risen from our ashes, and you can’t hold us back.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a few years,” he added. “So I sat down and started drawing things. I looked at what the previous winners had done. I wanted to do something maybe a little simpler, more organic.

2021 shirts are black and short sleeved with adult sizes ranging from small to 3XL. The Cherokee Phoenix also offers a medium size for youngsters. All jerseys are priced at $21.20, taxes included. To order, call 918-207-4975, email [email protected], or stop by the Cherokee Phoenix office in the annex building (former motel) of the Tribal Resort.

To order online, visit

Elizabeth J. Harless