CM Punk will face MJF at AEW Revolution in a dog collar match

CM Punk challenged longtime rival MJF to a dog collar match at AEW Revolution.

The February 16 episode of AEW Dynamite opened with a CM Punk in a suit in the ring with a microphone in hand.

Although CM Punk was beaten by MJF in his hometown of Chicago on February 2, the heated rivalry between the two is far from over. Following the loss, on last week’s episode of Dynamite, Punk teamed up with Jon Moxley to defeat FTR and earn the chance for a rematch, at a time of his choosing, in a match of his choosing.

Sitting in the ring, Punk opened up saying “My name is CM Punk…and I’m better than you.” He followed that up by analyzing its impact on the wrestling industry. The former WWE star then turned his attention to MJF, saying he would face him again at AEW Revolution on March 6.

As for the stipulation of the match, that took a bit more thought. Punk wondered if a Cage Match was enough, but ultimately dismissed the idea. The former world champion said that since MJF wanted to be Roddy Piper so badly, he would face him in a dog collar match, as he pulled a collar from a box in front of him asking MJF to be his Valentine.

A reference to the famous Dog Collar Match between Roddy Piper and Greg Valentine.

At this, MJF came out at the top of the ramp, apparently preparing to respond, but he was interrupted by Punk. The straight edge star took the famous photo of himself with MJF when MJF was a kid. Punk continued to mock MJF who left without responding.

Elizabeth J. Harless