‘Community Clothes Closet’ launches new fundraising project

FOX CROSSING, Wis. (WFRV) – Providing free clothes to those in need is the mission of the ‘Community Clothes Closet’, but the organization said it could not do so without fundraising, so the closet just start selling some of their clothes to ‘Antique Up’ in Kimberly as a way to bring in some cash to run their operation.

Community Clothes Closet Operations Manager Andrea Peterson said, “All proceeds from ‘Antique Up’ will go back to the Community Clothes Closet and they will be used to support our various customer programs here. »

Lisa Jones, Executive Director of The Closet, said: “We have several different client programs. We have our commercial floor where the majority of our customers shop and which has baby clothing up to adult size. We also have our New Start store and that’s for our customers who are re-entering the workforce, and then we have kids programs and our pajama-rama.

The Community Clothes Closet brings in donations and said 99% of what comes in is made available to their customers and only 1% is sold to help fund their programs.

“We really needed to find an alternative source of fundraising during these difficult times and we felt this was a really good fundraising opportunity for our clients,” Peterson said.

The Closet said creating this partnership was easy, all they had to do was talk to the staff at Antique to get started.

“We’re testing a few smaller spots there to see how it goes and if it goes really well we’ll move to an even bigger spot on their retail floor,” Jones said.

The Closet said 50% of its customers are children.

Elizabeth J. Harless