Delman coates on same sex marriage in Granby

Voters in Minnesota, meanwhile, rejected a proposed ban on gay marriage there. McIntosh convened a bipartisan, all-volunteer "kitchen cabinet" to serve as a steering committee. Hickman and Coates — longtime friends — conferred and decided they wanted to be part of the debate in some way.

Please upgrade your browser. The issue is that most Christians - and Reverend Coates would agree with me that most Christians in America today, most theologians disagree with his interpretation of the passages he cited.

It leads to conflict, violence, and war. Yet, it would be inappropriate to affirm prostitution on a Baptist College campus. Like this: Like Loading I do question whether or not one can be an evangelical, and hold to a belief in same-sex marriage. The governor's office asked whether Hickman and Coates would testify at a House of Delegates hearing on the bill.

My second concern about your campaign has to do with the appearance of selective outrage embedded in your organizational efforts. I welcome the opportunity to have more in depth dialogue with any of you at any time if you so desire.

They listened.

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Hickman, who knew O'Malley from his years as mayor of Baltimore, called the governor's office. At the heart of what it means to be an evangelical is to believe that the Bible is inspired and infallible. George E.

Gay El Salvador National Assembly candidate makes history. Hickman, seated at a table with O'Malley and Coates, explained his thinking to lawmakers: "Let the church be the church, the state be the state and God be the judge.

In many states, it was still illegal to engage in homosexual activity. In late September, the campaign asked Hickman and Coates each to tape a television commercial. George E. In Hickman's spot, he says: "I support this law because it does not force any church to perform a same-sex marriage if it's against their beliefs.

In Coates' ad, he says: "I would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views; therefore, I should not deny others' based upon mine.

Delman coates on same sex marriage in Granby

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