Donations for a non-profit organization that provides clothing / toiletries

NOBLESVILLE – A Hamilton County nonprofit that provides basic necessities to those in need is now asking for help to stay in their current location.

Noblesville’s non-food pantry, Marilyn’s Place, is struggling to pay its rent and must now raise $ 11,000 by December 31st to stay at its current location at 1106 S. 8th Street, Noblesville, IN 46060.

“We were able to cover about half of our rent this year. You know, COVID hasn’t helped. It certainly put a damper on everyone’s giving and fundraising abilities, ”said Hilary Ricks, Co-Founder and Vice-President and Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Marilyn’s Place.

The association gives people points that allow them to buy things like nice clothes for work and school, laundry detergent to track clothes and other cleaning and hygiene products that people may need.

“You can’t find a job and keep a job or go to school if you stink. It’s a problem and you want to feel good about yourself, ”Ricks said.

“There is a lot of loss of hope when you say to yourself, ‘All I can do is eat.’ You know, I can eat but that’s it. But we want you to think, ‘Okay, I can go out. I look like a normal person, I smell like a person, you know? “I feel good about myself, and now I’m ready to go out and face the world and find a job”

Although Ricks says his nonprofit’s overhead costs are low, they still struggle to keep up. They are so late that they may have to move.

“We are constantly fighting to try to get the fund to pay the rent and we can’t give things away if we don’t have a place to do it.”

She says if they have to close their doors it won’t be good, especially in the middle of winter when so many people rely on them.

“When everyone needs coats, sweaters and blankets. That’s the other thing, we’re doing it. We only charge points for the things I mentioned. But we also have a lot of blankets and a few pillows and mittens and all that sort of thing that as people come by, if they say, “Hey, do you have any? We also give them away. We just don’t charge the terminals for them.

She says they like their location and it’s easy for people to access it. They also understand that the rent is reasonable and their landlord is just running a business, but they need help catching up.

If you are interested in donating, Click here for more information or go directly to their GoFundMe.

Elizabeth J. Harless