Dr. Mudasir was a “white collar terrorist”: the Government of Canada

The Indian army commander said on Tuesday that Dr Mudasir, who was among four people killed in the meeting with Hyderpora, was a “white collar terrorist”.
“Will not allow white collar terrorism to prevail in Jammu and Kashmir. Dr Mudasir was operating a bogus unauthorized call center and he was one of those white collar terrorists,” the general officer said Commander (GoC) of the 15th Corps, Lt. Gen. DP Pandey. journalists.
He was responding to a question about a meeting in the town of Hyderpora in Srinagar in which four people, including Dr. Mudasir, were killed.
According to the police, four people including a foreign activist, Haider, his local associate in Ramban district of the Jammu division, Altaf Ahmad, owner of the building where the meeting took place, and Dr. Mudasir, who had rented the last one. floor, were killed in this meet.
The GC said the people who act behind (earning money, status, good jobs for their own families and children) to recruit and fund activism in Kashmir should be questioned by the people.
“The strength of the people who harbor terrorism is dwindling in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said and stressed that there was a need to educate people about “white collar terrorists involved in harboring terrorism”.
According to the GC, there is a very small unit that is trying to mislead the youth of Kashmir for their own benefit.
“Take for example yesterday’s operation in which a man posing as a doctor ran a bogus call center in Hyderpora. Such a man involved in harboring terrorism does not care about the death of a young person. We must sensitize the people of Kashmir to these “white collar terrorists”. However, I think the strength of these people is gradually waning, ”Lt. Gen. Pandey said.

Elizabeth J. Harless