Drake Drops Camo Sympathy T-Shirt Previously Teased on Instagram

A certain camouflage t-shirt recently spotted on Drake’s Instagram is now available for purchase.

Listed as the Realtree Sympathy T-Shirt on the official Drake Related website, the 100% cotton t-shirt features a screen-printed SYMPATHY graphic on the front and a screen-printed SUMMER 22 graphic on the back.

According to the listing, the shirt – priced at $45 – will ship within six weeks.

Take a closer look below.

Image via Drake
Image via Drake

Drake, of course, just released his seventh studio album Honestly it doesn’t matter. The 14-track release came a day after it was announced on Instagram, marking a follow-up to the 2021 album. Certified lover less than a year after its inauguration.

The album opener “Falling Back” received an official video from Director X, with a cover appearance by Tristan Thompson.

Revealed in the middle of Honestly it doesn’t matter rollout was that Drake was considering potentially releasing another scary hours EP, as well as share a poetry book.

“Kenzo, I love you. I want to send you some love,” Drake said on his SiriusXM show table for one. “Me and Kenzo have a book coming out this year – we have a book coming out this year, a poetry book. So I hope you tune into that too because it’s gonna be shit. I have some another scary hours pack coming too, in a bit. Maybe not now; I need you to just take [Honestly, Nevermind] right now.

Elizabeth J. Harless