Elizabeth Hurley wears a white t-shirt at the wellness center

Elizabeth Hurley went to a wellness spa.

The 56-year-old actress made the revelation in an Instagram post.

In the photo, she can be seen sitting by a window wearing just a white T-shirt. An ankle brace can also be seen cradling her foot.

“Here I go – ready for big rehab @vivamayrmariawoerth,” she captioned the photo from Viva Mayr Medical Health Resort in Austria.

As she flashes a huge smile at the camera, a mountainous lake known as Lake Wörthersee can be seen behind her.

Ahead of the post, Hurley told fans that she was entering the wellness spa after gaining weight over the past few months.

Last January, the star revealed that she sprained her ankle.

“I tore ligaments in my left ankle while filming in the Caribbean in November. Lying on the couch for two months, followed by a month of hobbling in an air boot, meant I basically became a slug,” she shared with a snap on the ground in Austria.

Hurley can be seen wearing sunglasses, a hat and a jacket.

“I don’t weigh myself, but my jeans were fiercely opposed to having them redone, so something had to be done,” the ‘Austin Powers’ star revealed.

“Still not really able to put much pressure on my foot, which means not much exercise, and a new movie is looming, I decided to go back to @vivamayrmariawoerth – a wellness spa in Austria. I am here now and will report! ❤️”

In her Instagram story, she gave fans a glimpse of her meal plan, which included vegetables and some sort of broth.

“I think I’m happy to be here…😬” she wrote on the post.

In a follow-up Instagram story, she showed off the picturesque sight with a photo of her feet crossed and perched.

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