Fatboy Slim is appealing to find the iconic Big Beach Boutique Hawaiian shirt from the Brighton concert

Norman Cook (AKA Fatboy Slim) is one of the biggest stars to call Sussex home. He has made headlines several times over the years, with the focus often on his music career and his past relationship with fellow Sussex star Zoe Ball.

But, he has now made headlines for other reasons related to the loss of one of his Hawaiian shirts. The iconic shirt was worn by Norman in 2002 during the famous Big Beach Boutique II concert which he played in Brighton Beach in front of thousands of adoring fans.

Around 60,000 people were due to attend the free concert on July 13, 2002, but it is believed that a staggering 250,000 people showed up, causing absolute chaos in Brighton. Many participants were injured and a three-day clean-up operation costing £300,000 took place afterwards.

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A Sussex Police spokesperson said at the time: “It was the biggest event Sussex has ever seen and lessons will no doubt be learned. No one expected these kinds of numbers – I I’m sure there will be many meetings to discuss the future of the event.”

Now, with the concert’s twentieth anniversary approaching, it looks like Norman is planning to use the shirt for an anniversary display he’s hosting. He was faced with a main stumbling block, however, he seems to have given away the jersey in the years since.

In a tweet to his fans, Norman asked for information on the whereabouts of the iconic shirt in hopes he could re-borrow it for his display. He started his tweet by saying, “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SHIRT…?

“We are trying to track down the current owner of this iconic Hawaiian shirt for a Big Beach Boutique 20th anniversary display. If I gave you this shirt or you won it in a raffle there are all these years, can I possibly take it back?”

He drew a variety of responses to the post with plenty of memories of the Big Beach Boutique all those years ago. However, one response simply said, “I own this shirt.”

Norman replied, “Seriously. The real one? I gave it to you?”, to which the Twitter user replied, “Follow me so I can DM.”

It looks like the call has already gone through, but you can never be sure with Twitter these days.

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Elizabeth J. Harless