Filers Take Advantage Of Automation Options At BC Saw Filers Show

Flow management system
Precision Machinery showcased its Precision Flow Management (PFM) system at the show. Lubricant naturally follows the path of least resistance, causing saws closer to the feed to receive more lubricant, while those farther away often receive too little. The PFM system uses internal valves in each guide that balance the flow of lubricant throughout the guide column. The result is that each saw receives an equal amount of lubricant. Watch an explanatory video of the system here.

High performance canter head
New to the show, DK-Spec introduced their advanced high performance canter head. The custom designed head provides over 80 hours of uninterrupted production per knife side. Fewer replaceable components and wear parts allow easy knife changes and minimize maintenance costs. DK-Spec went through an extensive R&D process to design a knife with high chip quality and increased capacity. They have 20 units in service to date.

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Band saw profile grinder

Thode Canada introduced an Iseli BNP200 bandsaw profile grinder. The fully automated machine is controlled by four CNC axes, with automatic blade loading. The machine positions the blade at a preset height and closes the blade clamp. The BNP200 automatically scans the teeth and determines the zero points before starting the grinding process. The operator loads the blade and starts the machine by pressing a button. Watch our video of Phillip Higgins of Thode Canada describing the machine.

Lubrication Solution Guide
Supersaul Chemmex was at the show to talk about their guide lubrication solution to reduce sawing consumables for guided saw systems. Their latest hardware allows for any preferred lubricant, with built-in design efficiencies that not only save on daily and monthly consumables, but also provide excellent sawing performance improvements. Savings on saw cabinet consumables should be at least 25%.

Hammerhead shark 3000
Williams & White introduced its latest offering at the show, the Hammerhead 3000. The machine is an all-in-one bandsaw processing center designed to automatically tension and level a bandsaw with ease. The machine is equipped with three high precision sensors and an automatic tracking system which automatically aligns the saw blade in the machine. Two feed rollers and a double head system allow independent tensioning and leveling operations. The Hammerhead 3000 includes a fence and a light curtain – a safety feature Riley Kufta of Williams & White says he expects to see more of in North American sawmills. Watch our Hammerhead 3000 video here.

New saw guide reader
A new company based in British Columbia showed up at the BC Saw Filers show. Ramtek, based in Burnaby, British Columbia, offers CNC machined steel and aluminum saw guides with guaranteed accuracy of less than 0.00025″. The company uses a Zeiss CDC coordinate measuring machine to test each guide. , ensuring optimum performance and efficiency.They offer inserts or heil-coil threads, which provide additional protection against thread damage.

Merger of companies
Wood Fiber Group’s merger with USNR was a priority for both companies at the saw show. Wood Fiber Group Vice President of Marketing Dave Purinton said the combined experience provides customers with a full spectrum of experiences when it comes to diagnosing sawmill challenges and designing solutions. In March, the companies announced a combined leadership team, with Wood Fiber Group’s Craig Tompkins assuming the role of CEO and USNR’s Dale Brown named chairman. Wood Fiber Group also introduced its new 3D modeling service which can help clients visualize how new capital investments will fit physically and functionally into their work process. Watch a Purinton video highlighting the merger here.

Automatic tip brazing
HMT Machine Tools Canada showcased Gerling Automation’s SawMaster automatic tip soldering machine at the show. The latest iteration of the SawMaster includes a tip sorting system with a laser that measures tip profile for exact orientation. A sensor allows individual tips to be removed or all tips to be removed completely. The soldering machine also includes an option to cut and position the silver solder shim and flux on the tip, allowing the use of non-pre-tinned tips. Watch a video by Brian Hass of HMT Machine Tool describing the features of the machine.

Saw guide lubrication

Industrial Autolube International had a booth at the show and owner Dean Maier showcased his solution during the conference program. Modular saw guide lubrication system optimizes oil and water flow. Controlled by a programmable logic controller, the system interfaces with the crusher and includes alarms and an alarm history. Customers can dial in exact measurements of what they need to maintain the saws, stabilize oil flow and reduce water usage. The result is often drier sawdust and less saw flapping, which can mean big savings.

Low Viscosity Saw Guide Lubricant
Petro-Canada Lubricants was on hand at the show to talk about their PETROGLIDE ELV – a premium quality saw guide oil tested for bandsaws and multi-blade edgers. It is a low viscosity, emulsifying saw guide lubricant that helps reduce deviation and improve the production of panels to specification. The emulsifiable formulation allows for better lubrication, which helps reduce wear and heat buildup for saw guides and blades, minimizing saw deflection and maximizing recovery. This means fewer saw and fence changes, longer cutting cycles, less unscheduled maintenance and lower operating costs. Saw guide oil has a low pour point and wide temperature operating capability. A powerful anti-rust additive keeps blades cleaner, increasing saw and fence life and minimizing wood waste. The oil is designed to emulsify with water for better cooling efficiency.

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Elizabeth J. Harless