Gareth Wyn Jones calls for ban on electric dog collars in Wales to be overturned

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Gareth Wyn Jones

Famed farmer Gareth Wyn Jones has called for Wals’ ban on electric dog collars to be removed.

In 2010, Wales became the first region in the UK to ban the use of electric collars, with Scotland following suit in 2018.

Some Welsh Tories have already spoken out in their opposition to the ban, with former Welsh Secretary David Jones saying new data made it clear that “the ban has failed and, paradoxically, is leading to many animal deaths”.

In comments to The Telegraph, Gareth Wyn Jones backed that view, saying ‘you have to be cruel to be kind’ and that a collar preventing a dog from chasing cattle was better than having to put a dog down. after he killed a sheep.

His comments come after the NFU published data showing that Welsh farmers suffered £306,068 in losses from dog attacks last year, compared to £68,408 in Scotland.

The Welsh Government, however, said it was not considering reviewing the position, saying electronic collars “caused pain”.

Gareth Wyn Jones however said: “The government bans things because they think it’s cruel, but what’s more cruel? That a sheep gets shredded or a dog gets a little less electric shock than it gets from a fence?

“These collars are a deterrent. You don’t have to be smart to realize that good training can save lives – lives of sheep, dogs or even human lives because owners are in serious trouble and we’ve seen people trampled when They had a dog that chased cattle. ”

He added: “The government needs to go back and look at the evidence, they need to listen to the people on the ground.”

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