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There have been numerous studies in the past decade that have proven the efficacy of Orthopantomograms for the determination of morphological dimensions of the mandible 1 - 6. It has been observed that in the entire human body, the two highly sexual dimorphic parts are mandibular condyle and ramus because these are the parts that experience maximum morphological changes in size gonial angle sex estimation in restriction during the life span [ 26 Indira AP, Gonial angle sex estimation in A, David MP.

Hassan AH.

Announcing New Journal Website. Digital panoramic radiography is a good study tool and it can be used to gonial angle sex estimation in the morphology of the mandible. Volume 7 -

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The overall prediction rate using five variables was The best parameters were coronoid height, condylar height, and projective height of ramus, and breadth gonial angle sex estimation in were not very dimorphic in their sample. KanmaniM. Sexual dimorphism in the mandible of indigenous South Africans: A geometric morphometric approach.

The quality and accuracy of radiographs, age limitations, larger samples size, and minimizing the inter-observer variations might have given the gonial angle sex estimation in results.

  • A retrospective study is conducted to evaluate the mental foramen size and ramus height using digital panoramic radiograph to see if these parameters could be used to determine a correlation with age and gender in dentate subjects and to show its relevance in forensic odontology.
  • To investigate age, sex based on gonial angle, width and breadth of the ramus of the mandible by digital orthopantomograph.
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A single examiner determined the gonial angle measurements and they were undertaken as described by Upadhyay et al. View Abstract. Pak Oral Dent J ; When comparing bilateral measurements of ramus height, no significant gender difference was found.

Statistical Analysis A type of pilot study prior to collecting data for the whole sample was carried out, in which the reliability of the measure was tested by an expert through data from 25 subjects. Bigonial width was measured horizontally between the left and right gonion as described by Lux et al.

Gonial angle sex estimation in , Leicestershire

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  • -gonial angle. Postcranial sex estimates-largely dependent on dimorphism-the more dimorphic, the more accurate Tise et al., through use of population standards, postcranial sex estimation can be extremely reliable-especially if pelvis or skull is damaged/missing. Gender identity-biological sex is not the same thing as gender identity. To investigate age, sex based on gonial angle, width and breadth of the ramus of the mandible by digital orthopantomograph.A total of panoramic radiographic images were selected. The age of the individuals ranged between 4 and 75 years of both the Cited by: 3.
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  • Sex estimation in Indians by digital analysis of the gonial angle on lateral cephalographs Article (PDF Available) in The Journal of forensic odonto-stomatology 2(37) · September with. [6,11] and age [12,13] estimation. As well, the gonial angle was used by some researchers for sex [11,14] and age [15,16] estimation with controversial results. Skeletal characteristics differ in each population emphasizing the need for population-specific osteometric standards for sex estimation .
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  • Dec 21,  · 1 INTRODUCTION. Estimating biological sex from human skeletal remains is fundamental to most bioarchaeological research (Brickley & Buckberry, ).As there are differences in the growth, development, form, and senescence between the sexes, knowledge of an individual's sex is usually required prior to analysis of other biological features, including age, stature, and disease Cited by: 2. Thus, remodeling of the mandible with age, gender, and dental status also occurs throughout the life in many parameters such as gonial angle, antegonial angle, mental foramen, mandibular foramen, and mandibular canal. These changes can be easily evaluated in dried mandible as well as on radiographs.
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  • Feb 01,  · Kharoshah et al. 12 used mandibular osteometric measurements on computed tomography (CT) images to estimate the sex of a specific population. The measurements involved the longest ramus, 3 gonial angle, mandibular base length, and shorter length of the mandibular branch. Dec 01,  · The paper compared the gonial angle from lateral cephalogram and orthopantomogram of subjects with an age range from 6 to 80 years. • A significant (p gonial angle between the radiographs.A significant negative correlation (p gonial angle and age in the orthopantomograms.A significant (p.
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  • Ozgur Bulut, Nicolle Freudenstein, Baki Hekimoglu, Safa Gurcan, Dilemma of Gonial Angle in Sex Determination, The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, /PAF, 40, 4, (), ().
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