Heavy metal fan caught wearing Nazi swastika t-shirt at Dennistoun in Glasgow

A HEAVY metal fan caught wearing a Nazi swastika t-shirt in public has been reprimanded today.

James Williamson, 42, was trapped outside a neighbor’s flat in Dennistoun in Glasgow on April 23, 2020.

He had previously knocked and kicked on their front door believing it was his own property.

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Williamson – a DWP administrative officer – was later arrested while wearing the shirt which he said resembled emblems associated with the heavy metal band Slayer.

Williamson pleaded guilty in Glasgow Sheriff’s Court in December to engaging in threatening or abusive behavior likely to cause fear or alarm to a reasonable person.

He was sentenced to good behavior for six months by Sheriff Jonathan Guy.

It was agreed today that Williamson behaved well and was reprimanded.

The court had heard that Williamson showed up at the property of Kelly Ward and Paul Hughes at 1 p.m.

Prosecutor Rachel Wedlock told the court that Williamson was “kicking and banging” on the front door.

Williamson said, “Open the fucking door, you fucking b***h.”

He then continued to knock and kick the door for 10 minutes before the police arrived.

Officers found Williamson who was “under the influence of an unknown substance and uttering his words” still in the communal proximity.

Miss Wedlock added: ‘At this time it was observed that Williamson was wearing a white t-shirt which featured a Reichsadler Nazi symbol and a swastika.

Williamson was arrested and in response to his warning and accusation he replied, “It makes no difference.”

Douglas McAllister, defending, told the court that Williamson was intoxicated by a new drug and believed he was in his own apartment.

The lawyer added: “He is a fan of the heavy metal band Slayer which has designs of the iron cross and the German eagle.

“The one he was wearing is not an official Slayer t-shirt and has a Nazi swastika on it.

“He has no memory of the clothes he was wearing and doesn’t know why he left the apartment without pants or shoes.

“He is incredibly sorry for the upheaval he would have caused.

“Mr Williamson is fully employed and worked for the Department for Work and Pensions as an administrative officer for six years.”

Elizabeth J. Harless