Hot under the collar? Here’s how to dress for a heat wave

As severe heat waves sweep through parts of Europe and the United States (Malaysia is also experiencing a heat wave), it can be difficult to know how to dress during these increasingly frequent episodes to best avoid the various inconveniences caused by stifling heat.

From fabrics to colors to accessories, here are some golden rules for staying stylish and comfortable during a heat wave.

Look for flax and hemp

Choosing the right fabrics for each season is essential, especially during periods of cold or heat.

When the mercury rises, forget fabrics that stick to the skin, leave unsightly stains or make you sweat – like many synthetics – and opt instead for fabrics that are naturally breathable, absorbent or odor-resistant (yes, they exist), such as flax and hemp.

These can be real wardrobe allies in the warmer months thanks to their thermoregulating properties, letting body heat escape throughout the day.

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The icing on the cake, these two natural and vegetable materials also absorb moisture, thus avoiding any discomfort related to perspiration.

Less known for its breathable properties, cotton is also a material that can be a good choice in hot weather.

Focus on its lighter variants, such as veil or muslin, which can help you face a period of heat without fear of discomfort. Another option to brave the heat in style is Tencel, made with cellulose from certain trees, such as eucalyptus or bamboo.

Wear white or yellow

Darker colors should be avoided in hot weather, as they tend to absorb the sun’s rays and therefore increase the feeling of heat.

White clothing is strongly advised, especially for tops, but (don’t worry) it’s not the only option.

In a 2020 study, a team of Japanese scientists exposed nine polo shirt-clad mannequin torsos to the sun — at around 30°C — to determine which clothing colors to favor during a heatwave.

White obviously came out on top, but the study showed that yellow, gray, red, and even purple were good options during heat waves.

Pastel shades also appear to be a good alternative to white, since they do not absorb the sun’s rays, and can brighten up your look a little more than white.

For lovers of black – and there are many of them – the day will undoubtedly be longer (and warmer), so reduce discomfort by opting for loose and light clothing.

Go to town with accessories

Hot weather often involves a quest for comfort.

As a result, men and women tend to turn to timeless clothes, and therefore more classic outfits, and much less fun.

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Here, accessories can be used to add a touch of originality – and without moderation – so stock up on jewelry, sunglasses, a hat (the bucket hat is still a safe bet this summer) or a bag more conspicuous than usual, like the raffia models. popular this season.

And while boosting your style, some of these accessories can even protect you from the sun. – AFP Relax News

Elizabeth J. Harless