Iron Maiden partners with ASDA supermarkets for beer and Senjutsu t-shirt

Metal giants Iron Maiden team up with supermarket giants Asda to launch a pair of products celebrating the imminent arrival of the band’s highly anticipated 17th studio album, senjutsu.

226 Asda stores across the UK will have their interiors brightened up with the installation of an Iron Maiden display carrying two products unique to the chain: a senjutsu edition of Trooper’s Sun & Steel Japanese lager, and a t-shirt featuring the face of the band’s adorable mascot, Eddie.

“Iron Maiden is an incredible British institution and the best in its field,” says Andrew Thompson, Senior Director of Entertainment at Asda. “So it’s really exciting for us to be able to reward their legions of fans with fantastic merchandise for the launch of their highly anticipated new album, senjutsu September 3”.

“There are few bands in the world who can deliver such a range of products that their fans love and we’re delighted that Asda respects music enough to partner with us across a number of industries,” added Derek Allen, vice president. -Senior Chairman of Warner Music. “Every Maiden studio album launch is an event and their fans support it like no other. This partnership offers something for everyone in one place.”

Recorded at the Guillaume Tell studio in Paris with longtime producer Kevin Shirley, and co-produced by bassist and bandleader Steve Harris, senjutsu contains 10 tracks, including a recently released single The writing on the wall.

Titled after a Japanese term loosely translated as “tactics and strategy”, and most often applied in combat situations, senjutsu features a samurai-themed cover art, based on an idea by Steve Harris.

Iron Maiden is on the cover of Metal Hammer’s new issue, hitting stores this week.

Elizabeth J. Harless