‘It’s Zeus’: Complaint filed after dog lost with owner’s number on adopted collar

CHICAGO (WGN) – A Chicago woman who lost her dog nearly two years ago has sued a local shelter and Chicago Animal Care and Control, claiming the organization adopted the dog without ever trying to find her.

Karly Moran-West had Zeus, a golden retriever, when he was just a puppy. The two were best friends for six years, but in January 2020 Moran-West’s father was watching Zeus when she was out of town and the dog escaped.

“He ended up coming out of the backyard and someone ended up picking him up and taking him to Chicago Care and Animal Control,” Moran-West said.

Moran-West said she didn’t know her dog had been lost for a few weeks, but once she found out, she sprang into action.

“I immediately made posters, I posted them all over the neighborhood, I went there regularly, almost every day I called his name,” Moran-West said. “Finally someone sent me a picture of Zeus with a family and I was like, ‘That’s Zeus right there.'”

Moran-West said Zeus was not microchipped, but wore a collar with his name and phone number embroidered on it.

“We know this because CACC records specifically indicated that Zeus wore a red collar with Zeus’ name on it,” his attorney, Jonathan Rosen, said.

According to a copy of the CACC admission form, it says the dog was wearing a red collar with the name “Zeus” on it, which Moran-West says is the same collar that bore his number.

Zeus was then transferred to the Fetching Tails Foundation, where he was reportedly adopted.

The organization said it followed proper protocol, but cannot comment on ongoing litigation.

“He was my child and if your child was adopted by someone else, I feel like you would probably do the same,” Moran-West said, “So I think you should have a heart and give me back my dog.”

His attorney said they don’t know who had the dog but are working to find out who the family is.

Elizabeth J. Harless