Jaani on the success of ‘Kaali Shirt Waleyaa’: Simran Raj is one in a billion | Punjabi Cinema News

“Kaali Shirt Waleyaa” marks Simran Raj’s debut single. Janni wrote and composed this groovy song directed by Arvindr Khaira and music given by Avvy Sra. Undoubtedly, Simran Raj grabs the spotlight with his melodic vocals shining through the song that spells out his love affair with his black-shirted Prince Charming.

The song garnered over 5 million views within a week and received lots of love from admirers.

Simran Raj shared her experience while working on ‘Kaali Shirt Waleyaa’, she said, “I am thrilled to be part of the Desi Melodies family and that my song ‘Kaali Shirt Waleyaa’ is getting such a heartwarming response! I am eternally grateful for this greatest Unique opportunity to work with Arvindr Khaira sir, Jaani sir and Avvy Paaji; they are the titans of the music industry. I hope you listen, watch and give all your love to ‘ Kaali Shirt Waleyaa.

Writer-songwriter Jaani, while praising Simran Raj for his melodious vocals, said, “We are very proud to present ‘Kaali Shirt Waleyaa’ since Simran Raj is one in a billion voices and it was so much fun working on this song. song with her. It’s amazing to have her as an exclusive artist because we have so many projects going on with her and we’re sure you’ll love them!”

Elizabeth J. Harless