Jeans for Teens gives students new clothes for school

TANEY COUNTY, Mo. — Teen jeans started in 2017 with a simple idea. Many Taney County students come from poor homes and simply cannot afford new clothes each school year.

The non-profit organization was founded and is currently led by Gerrie Moore. Moore said when she was young she wasn’t allowed to wear jeans to school, but a teacher reached out and bought her three pairs to wear anyway. She thinks it helped her build her confidence and social skills with her peers.

At first, Jeans for Teens only allowed one pair of jeans per student, but after meeting a very special boy, they decided to evolve and expand their program.

“And when he turned around, he looked me in the eye and he said that was the first time I owned a brand new pair of jeans,” Moore said. “I have always had inheritances from my five brothers. Talk about touching your heart! So we redesigned our concept of good if they can find jeans on sale and they want to get more than one pair for their allowance, and so this year we did that and we had several kids who were able go out with a couple pairs of jeans.

This past weekend, several students from across Taney County were treated to shopping sprees at Target and Maurice who partner with the nonprofit.

To help donate, you can contact Jeans for Teens on their Facebook page here –

Elizabeth J. Harless