Kendall Jenner once slammed wearing a ‘racist’ Confederate flag T-shirt in a resurfaced photo

KENDALL Jenner was once slammed for wearing a ‘racist’ Confederate flag t-shirt.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans recently reacted to the photo resurfacing on Reddit.


Kendall was criticized for wearing a shirt with a Confederate flag in 2015Credit: © 2014 AKM-GSI, Inc.
Fans discussed Kendall's resurfaced photo on Reddit


Fans discussed Kendall’s resurfaced photo on RedditCredit: Getty

Taking to Reddit on Tuesday, a fan shared a throwback photo of Kendall, 26, wearing white jeans and a black Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt in May 2015.

The shirt in question featured a Confederate flag, commonly associated with a symbol of white supremacy.

The model put on a serious expression in the photo, while her eyes were covered in her dark sunglasses.

While the photo was taken almost seven years ago, KUWTK admitted they were still angry at Kendall for carrying the controversial flag.

The original Reddit user shared a photo of Kendall wearing the shirt, writing, “Still can’t believe she was wearing this shirt…”


Others accused the model of being ignorant, with one person commenting, “I’d bet Kendall doesn’t even know what that flag is.”

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Another agreed, writing: “The young are oblivious, the rich are oblivious, the famous are oblivious…obviously not ALL categories but a fair amount and she has all 3.”

A following person replied, “What happens in real f**k.”

While one fan said he “wasn’t surprised” Kendall wore the shirt, another wrote, “I bet she doesn’t even know the meaning behind it. The stylist probably does.

Another Reddit user added, “She was trying to be cool and wear a band t-shirt, she probably has no idea what their music is. This is more of a stupid mistake than an intentionally hateful one. “

A following fan added: “I’m not defending Kendall here but also remember that she and Kylie are very uneducated. they were homeschooled for much of their upbringing. not an excuse but it gives a context to their stupidity.


The resurfaced photo isn’t the first time Kendall has been called out for racial insensitivity.

The TV personality faced backlash in May 2021 when fans slammed the model for ads promoting her tequila brand, 818.

In the ads, Kendall dressed in stained jeans, a cropped white top, and an oversized stripped button down left unfinished in ads for the new product.

The model also wore a cowboy hat on her back, held in place with ties around her neck, and styled her long brown hair in two braids.

Throughout the publicity photos and commercial, Kendall walked through the fields, held a glass of her tequila smiling, posed with a horse, and pointed out some of the workers in the fields.

One fan slammed it, writing, “Wtf is this ad. Insulting and offensive @KendallJenner didn’t you learn from your Pepsi fiasco?”

“Having workers in the fields while you’re on your horse looking at them like you own them. Disgusting and deaf.

Another wrote, “Am I the only Mexican who thinks @KendallJenner is the colonizer from hell with her new @818Tequila ad? Very, very culturally appropriate vibes with that.”


Another Kendall scandal came in 2017, when the model starred in a controversial Pepsi ad.

In the ad, Kendall handed a can of Pepsi to a police officer in an attempt to break up a protest.

Many fans slammed the ad for seemingly shedding light on the Black Lives Matter movement, despite being dubbed “deaf”.

Kendall later addressed the controversy during an episode of KUWTK.

She said through tears: “I trusted everyone. I trusted the teams.

“But after seeing the reaction and reading what people had to say about it, I most definitely saw what was wrong.

“I was so stuck, and really didn’t know what to do, that I completely shut down.”

Kendall has been criticized for ads for her tequila brand


Kendall has been criticized for ads for her tequila brandCredit: Instagram/Kendall Jenner
The model has been torn for cultural appropriation


The model has been torn for cultural appropriationCredit: The Mega Agency
Kendall previously came under fire for her 2017 'tone dead' Pepsi ad


Kendall previously came under fire for her 2017 ‘tone dead’ Pepsi adCredit: The Mega Agency

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