Khloe Kardashian slammed for selling True’s second-hand clothes

Take his fans to the cleaners? Khloe Kardashian angered fans after he put his daughter True Thompson’s used clothes up for sale instead of giving them away.

“[Oh, my God,] I miss seeing True in these outfits,” Khloé, 37, shared via Twitter on January 14, as well as a link to the children’s section of Kardashian Kloset – a website billed as the “Official Kardashian/Jenner Family Resale Site.”

Some of the items listed in the section include a Ralph Lauren jacket for $150, a pair of Fendi Kids jeans for $495, and an Aristocrat Kids dress, on sale for $556, originally listed for $695. Even simple t-shirts, like a Mickey Mouse shirt, are $75 and a pair of Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes for $55 – new Stan Smith shoes on the Adidas website run for around $75.

Naturally, some fans were surprised by the keeping up with the Kardashians alum selling used children’s clothes instead of donating to organizations that help families.

“I love Khloé but this should be illegal,” one Twitter user commented. [Khloé’s] the tweet from the founder of Good American. “I had no idea they were doing this. I definitely changed my mind.”

“Wow, True’s outfits cost more than some can afford. We recycle our babies’ clothes and donate [them] to the next mother,” wrote another. “We take great care of them. … It’s better to give. Another added: “It’s not like [Khloé] even paid for these in the first place! Do you realize how many people and designers had to send her free clothes in hopes of being photographed? Khloe makes a [100 percent] profits.”

A social media user simply asked, “Are you broke? These prices are ridiculous!”

This isn’t the first time Khloé has found herself in hot water over items sold on Kardashian Kloset. In July 2020, the designer Christian Cowan accused the reality star of selling a dress sample he sent her to borrow – instead, he claimed, she ended up on their site Resale website.

At the time, the designer shared a screenshot via Instagram of the dress and tagged Khloé, writing, “Why are my runway samples I lent you selling on your website?” He added: “We emailed [three] times and got no response.

According to We Weekly, the dress was listed at $1,300. A source told the outlet that the dress was given to Khloé by her stylist and was not a loan. The source added that Christian never asked them to return the dress.

Elizabeth J. Harless