KRUUSE® introduces the BUSTER® Complete Collar, a new recovery collar solution for the animal health market

DUBLIN, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–KRUUSE, the 125-year-old Danish company known for its long history of innovation in animal care, has announced the introduction of the BUSTER Complete Dog Collar, a new recovery cone collar solution that includes features to improve the comfort and safety of animals during their postoperative recovery and recovery from minor injuries.

The complete BUSTER necklace is complete

This innovative new collar brings together all the best features of our current line of BUSTER collars, which is why we’ve named it “Complete”.

“At KRUUSE, we are passionate about innovation in animal care. Our product engineers have re-engineered the typical tapered collar to create a solution that works for veterinarians and the animals they care for,” said Tino Bendix, Managing Director of KRUUSE. “When pet owners bring their dogs home with the new BUSTER Complete Collar, they can be assured that the collar provides maximum protection and comfort.”

The KRUUSE BUSTER Complete dog collar aims to improve pet welfare with advanced features that help protect pets during recovery while maintaining comfort. Specifically, the BUSTER Full Collar provides a custom fit that can be easily put on or taken off. It comes in seven sizes to accommodate a wide range of pet neck sizes, and the collar is anatomically designed around the dog’s neck to promote increased comfort while sleeping and resting.

Animals wearing the BUSTER collar enjoy full, uninterrupted vision thanks to the 100% transparent polyethylene visor. The BUSTER collar includes an outer band to provide sound absorption for the pet and also prevent marking and scratching. And the BUSTER Full Body Collar is an ideal choice for pets recovering from surgery or minor injuries and to protect lesions from irritation caused by the pet’s continuous biting, licking or scratching.

KRUUSE products can be ordered by veterinarians in the United States through Covetrus North America at www.northamerica.covertrus.comMiller Veterinary Supply at www.millervet.supplyand Victor Medical Company at

To learn more about the new BUSTER Full Collar and to view sizing guidelines, visit the KRUUSE website at


Founded in 1896, KRUUSE is one of the world’s leading suppliers of veterinary equipment. As the original creator of the BUSTER Elizabethan dog collar, we have a rich history of creating solutions that improve animal well-being before, during and after consultation with the veterinarian. The veterinarian is our most important partner and our highest priority. Our goal is to create advanced technologies and first-rate products for the market. Visit us at for more information.

Elizabeth J. Harless