Landscaping company has plenty of room to grow | Blue collar Wisconsin

Rhineland- Many business owners today say they have difficulty finding workers. This is especially true for blue-collar businesses in Wisconsin, with many blue-collar workers saying more people should try their jobs. They say their jobs are fun, well paid and offer good opportunities for growth. This is also true in the field of landscaping.

Timothy Stanfield, owner of Natural Beauty Landscaping, said: “This is a dream job. You get paid to hang out with your friends, you get paid to train, you get paid well, you get paid to make your landlords smile. don’t think there are any downsides to this job.”

One of the downsides of manual labor, like landscaping, is that it can be physically demanding work,” but Stanfield says it doesn’t have to be. “It’s physical, but we have enough team where one guy doesn’t have to overwork himself. We prioritize safety and teamwork, because without a team, you won’t get anything done.”

Landscaping involves many different skills as crews work to beautify yards. Stanfield says shaping properties to look their best is only part of the job.

“Guys are able to express their talents and their gifts in a setting like this, he says. They can decide to put a plant in this or that way. I tell them to have the mindset of it is your property, look around you and see.” what needs to be done and do it, “you know? Make it look pretty in here.”

With all the positive aspects of the business, Stanfield says he doesn’t understand why more people aren’t interested in his craft. “Unless someone really enjoys doing one thing over and over again, factory work, everyone has gifts or talents, and some people have a knack for it. A lot of men I find have a knack for it. They’d rather be outside, in the fresh air, working a normal shift and getting paid pretty well,” and making people smile.

Stanfield and other landscapers say they don’t really see themselves as competitors due to the current high demand. They say the strong demand gives the company plenty of room to grow.

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Elizabeth J. Harless