Lil Nas X wore a shirt depicting the Deathgrind Hatemonger group

On a day that once gave us Ben Affleck wearing a hardcore straight-edge Boston shirt, we have yet another celebrity metal fashion observation to watch: Lil Nas X wearing a shirt with the font logo of the Chicago-based deathgrind outfit Whistleblower.

The rapper wore the shirt in an interview he conducted to promote his appearance at the Audacy Beach Festival, which brought eclectic lineup to Fort Lauderdale last weekend, December 4 and 5 (the closest thing to a metal band was Weezer).

While answering a question about a viral TikTok video he created, Lil Nas X, real name Montero Lamar Hill, can be seen wearing the black shirt, which features the Hatemonger logo in white. Better yet, the sleeves are cut like a metalhead!

It’s entirely possible that Hill is a fan of the group, as Lil Nas X has had a few brushstrokes with metal before. He publicly endorsed a metal cover of his hit song “Montero” earlier this year, used a sample of Nine Inch Nails in his groundbreaking 2019 hit “Old Town Road” and released a line of “Satan Shoes” , adorned with pairs of personalized Nikes. with real human blood.

Hatemonger drummer Garry Napoli responded to a metal sucks survey via the group’s Facebook page, telling us that they are aware of Lil Nas X’s fashion choice, and although they have no idea how he got the shirt – and they never interacted with it – they “think it’s great” and like to know more.

You can check out the interview below.

The most recent version of Hatemonger, The vile maxim, was released in April. Grab it here or stream it below.

Elizabeth J. Harless