Mark Lanegan’s Covid battle saw him hallucinate in hospital for months before his death

Stone Age Queens rocker Mark Lanegan survived Covid and a medically induced coma before he died at his home in Ireland yesterday

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Mark Lanegan performing at London Union Chapel in 2018

Stone Age Queens rocker Mark Lanegan had a terrifying battle with Covid in the months leading up to his death.

The 57-year-old grunge music pioneer died yesterday at his home in Ireland.

The cause of death has yet to be revealed, but last year Mark survived a nasty battle with Covid that left him in a coma and hallucinating.

He even wrote a memoir about it called Devil in a Coma, which was released in December.

Detailing his near-death experience, he said he felt weak and sick for a few days “then woke up one morning completely deaf”.

Queens of the Stone Age star Mark Lanegan has died aged 57


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He fell down the stairs in his home, knocked himself unconscious on the windowsill and “woke up hours later, still unable to hear anything, unable to move”.

The fall left him with cracked ribs, a bruised spine and “my already chronically messed up knee went away again.”

In an excerpt from his book, published in The Guardian, Mark said: “Every attempt at breathing was a battle.

“Although I refused to go to the hospital, my wife finally called an ambulance behind my back… I was put in an artificial coma, which I couldn’t remember.

“Apparently my light had almost gone out permanently more than once, according to the doctors and nurses.”

Mark (right) in Queens of the Stone Age


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One of Mark’s weirdest side effects was “weird dreams, strange visions…and recurring hallucinations.”

Describing some of the things he saw, the musician said: “Sometimes I would drive miles to deliver drugs to someone in another town, or dismantle a stolen car after midnight to sell parts.

“Sometimes I would put canned potatoes on pallets in the potato factory…or cook pancakes and eggs in a busy restaurant after drinking and partying all night.

“One night I dreamed that I was living in a large, windowless basement apartment on a rainy, humid street in Seattle with several of my ex-girlfriends and ex-wives, many of whom hated me in real life. life, all in harmony with each other, and I felt peace come over me.

Mark was also the frontman of rock band Screaming Trees


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Mark – who has been open about his history of drug addiction – also detailed being given “woefully insufficient” amounts of medication.

He lamented: “Probably since I had been self-administering doses of the same elephant size for years.

“For me, it was second nature to eat tablets like candy…it never occurred to me that there might come a time when I legitimately needed them.

“Whatever was in that s*** cart I had taken a ride on was no fucking joke. I had taken my share of well-deserved ass kicking over the years, but this thing was trying to tear me apart, body and mind, and I saw no end in sight.

The coma caused his kidneys to explode, which forced him to undergo dialysis. The doctors were sure he would die, but somehow he got away with it.

“They told my wife that I held the record for longest stay in this state to survive in this facility,” he wrote.

During his career, Mark also fronted the band Screaming Trees and collaborated with musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Moby and PJ Harvey.

More recently, he had worked with the Manic Street Preachers on their latest album The Ultra Vivid Lament.

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