Matt Reeves Says He Considered The Batman ‘Kind Of A Drug Addict,’ Explains Why He Cast Robert Pattinson

Director Matt Reeves is excited and ‘terrified’ of his Robert Pattinson star The Batman movie. In a recent interview with Esquire, the filmmaker explained what prompted him to make the film from a new angle and his influences behind the feature film.

Loving the 1987 comic book Batman: Year One, Reeves of Planet of the Apes film fame decided to make another version of the Caped Crusader, one that was darker, grittier, and with a detective noir element. Later in the conversation, Reeves also revealed that it was a heady mix of acclaimed classics Chinatown, The French Connection and Taxi Driver with a side of the band Nirvana that inspired him to make The Batman as he did.

While listening to Nirvana one day, Reeves had a revelation about how the tone of the band’s songs and the tone of his Batman really matched. Speaking further about it, Reeves said he envisions everyone’s favorite vigilante as a “drug addict.” “Is this guy some kind of wayward, reckless drug addict?” And the truth is he’s kind of a drug addict. His drug is his addiction to this impulse for revenge. He’s like a Batman Kurt Cobain,” Matt Reeves explained.

Reeves also explained why he chose Robert Pattinson as his Batman. Stating that his comic book version needed a young actor, the director said he focused on Robert after seeing him in the 2017 Safdie brothers film Good Time, adding that Pattinson had a kind of “inner rage that connects with the character”. Here’s an interesting aside, Robert Pattinson ended up auditioning for the movie in a Batsuit worn by Val Kilmer.

Stating that he is proud of the movie he has directed, Matt Reeves said he is looking forward to the movie’s theatrical release. The Batman hits theaters March 4.

Elizabeth J. Harless