Meraki Hair Studio & Boutique offers clothes and hairstyles | Local News

Meraki means in Greek “to do something with passion or to put your soul into something”, explains Tabitha Parker.

Parker, co-owner with her husband George of Meraki Hair Studio & Boutique, said when the couple and the women who work in the hair salon part of the store heard the word, they knew it was “perfect” for the new business.

“We felt like it was perfect,” she said. “It’s how we support our families, but we think it’s more than a job. It’s a passion.”

“We and the girls had a vision of what it should be, the kind of atmosphere we wanted,” she said. “We came up with the name Meraki, which in Greek means to do something with passion or put your soul into something. My husband and I built a lot of the interior furnishings.

The store is located at 333 S. Hamilton Street in downtown Dalton.

“We’ve been open here since November,” Parker said. “We used to be in a different location downtown as The Uniquely Boutiquey Shoppe but needed more space and when we moved we decided to change the name. We have been in business for about three years. Before that, I was a graphic designer.

The store mainly sells women’s clothing.

“Our clients range in age from around 16 to around 50,” she said. “We try to have something for everyone. We try very hard to find things that you can’t find in other stores here. We have sweatshirts from Royce Apparel in North Carolina. Porky’s shoes are exclusive to us. It is quite a popular brand and extremely comfortable.

Parker said what really sets the store apart is its service.

“We really try to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome when they come in, whether they’re coming for the hair or the shop,” she said. “We get clients from Dalton, obviously. But we also get them from Chattanooga, Ringgold, Chatsworth, and Calhoun, really all the surrounding area. We accept returns. Some stores don’t. But we take returns up to two weeks. We ship anywhere in the United States.

The store’s website is

“I don’t cut the hair myself,” Parker said. “I manage the shop and I make personalized (t-shirts). We have such a great group of girls in the living room. They continue to take courses. It is important for them to keep up to date and learn new skills. They all have a strong desire to be the best they can. We currently have five (stylists) and two apprentices.

The store is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

“We’re usually here around 10-3 on Tuesdays and 10-6 other days on the shop side,” Parker said. “The girls will stay on the living room side later if they need someone in.”

Elizabeth J. Harless