MOE does not pressure parents for uniforms: t-shirts, jeans, playwear

Barbados Head of Education says students can take lessons in uniform or without uniform as it is understood that not all parents can get new shoes and uniforms for February 21, 2022 when school resumes face-to-face lessons.

She said the umbrella, overriding hope is that students return to physical classrooms safely.

“The big picture we have here is that every child gets a face-to-face education and once we keep that in mind, and not just face-to-face but face-to-face in all safety, and once we keep that in mind, I’m sure we’ll make all the right decisions when it comes to raising our children.”

Asked about alternatives for parents and guardians who are currently strapped for money, so that their children are not embarrassed, Director of Education Dr Ramona Archer-Bradshaw said:

“The ministry had a meeting with the directors quite recently and we were able to raise this issue.

“We want all of our children to attend schools wearing their uniforms, but we understand the constraints some parents may have, especially in the midst of this pandemic, we understand some parents may have lost their jobs, some parents are working hours reduced and may not be able to afford a full uniform for their children or wards.” That said, she revealed that “on a case-by-case basis” principals will conduct assessments and make practice calls for each student affected in this way.

She said principals can “allow students to come to school in soft shoes or what we call sneakers, if they don’t have the proper shoes, or school shoes at the time. -the.

“The child may not be able to fit in the official uniform, but he can wear his play clothes if so, then it will be allowed. Or it may be a case where child can’t fit in play clothes nor formal school clothes, if so child can wear plain shirt and denim pants you know white shirt and pants Jean.”

Elizabeth J. Harless