Molly-Mae says she lost interest in buying expensive clothes while wearing a £285 top

She was also recently pictured after leaving £2,300 worth of goods unattended in her car

Molly-Mae has officially made her return to YouTube with a Q&A video. She tells how her £800,000 theft took away her interest in buying nice things like watches, nice bags and expensive clothes.

She says this while wearing a €295 Alexander Wang Top and she uploaded the video hours after she received a parking ticket after leaving £2,300 worth of goods in her Range Rover.

Yesterday it was reported that inside Molly-Mae’s Range Rover was an £1,600 Louis Vuitton bag wide open with an £800 Apple MacBook left in the seat. Luckily for her, her expensive items remained on the seat while she was in the meeting. But rather sadly, she also ended up with a £60 parking fine.

In his latest youtube video, she said, “Why would I ever want to own something that will compromise mine and Tommy’s safety?” Absolutely not worth it in my eyes. So yes, my opinion has definitely changed 100%. In my eyes, the only watch I need right now is my Apple Watch.

She also says the burglary is a sensitive topic, but she can talk about it as she deals with it and moves on. In terms of security, Molly-Mae says she’s had to take it much more seriously to the point of spending “thousands and thousands of points a month to get the security right.” But she also states that it is definitely worth it because it makes her feel safe.

Towards the end of last year, Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury were robbed of £800,000 from their flat in Manchester. It was reported that an ‘experienced gang’ took ‘everything’ and left the couple never wanting to go home again. The incident happened while they were both in London to celebrate the launch of Molly-Mae’s Beauty Works.

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