MPD under the radar: Did a West Side woman donate clothes or trash?

Beyond the headlines, the men and women of the Manchester Police Service respond to inquiries from local residents around the clock, with incidents that the public may find valuable or interesting often going unnoticed.

In an effort to help shed some light on these incidents and spark a deeper discussion about what is happening in our neighborhoods across the city, here are some of those incidents that have flown under the radar, such as: obtained from Manchester Police Department Records Division. For the Manchester Police Department daily logs, which provide the starting point for these reports, click here.

The actual names of the individuals and organizations in these stories have not been revealed to protect them from potential harassment, excluding arrest when information becomes available. Anyone charged with a crime is innocent unless proven guilty by a court.

Anyone with additional information about these incidents is encouraged to share their story of what happened by emailing [email protected]

January 15, 1:50 a.m. – Police received a call from Massabesic Street due to a fight at a party. The caller heard loud screams, screaming girls and what sounded like a “punch”, with enough noise to wake the caller. The caller was trying to tell everyone at the party to go home, but to no avail. Another nearby caller also called a few minutes later to report a fight in the area.

Two units were dispatched to break up the fight.

January 15, 1:21 p.m. – A woman has sought police assistance after a fraudulent accusation from a South Willow Street business. However, 15 minutes later, she canceled the request after going to the company and rectifying the problem on her own.

January 15, 7:25 p.m. – A Somerville Street woman contacted police after reporting her husband had come home drunk and kicked her and her stepdaughter out of their flat.

The woman told the police this through a translator, as she only spoke Spanish.

As the wife called the police, the husband entered the lobby of Manchester Police Department headquarters to report that the wife had stolen a car from him.

No additional information was provided.

January 16, 9:14 a.m. – A taxi driver told police he had just seen a man pull a gun on two other people inside an Elm Street business. According to the taxi driver, one of the victims, described as a white male with a backpack and a large beard, was traveling north on Elm Street. One officer caught up with this victim to get a description of the suspect while another entered the store on Elm Street to find the suspect. However, the suspect could not be found in or around the store and video footage was inconclusive.

January 16, 1:23 p.m. – Police responded to a fight on Dubuque Street between a man, a woman and the woman’s boyfriend. The man threatened to break the woman’s neck, then the boyfriend threatened to kill the man. The man lives on the second floor of the woman’s building.

No weapon was in the possession of the three individuals. The woman and her boyfriend retreated to their apartment and the man did the same. Police advised the woman and her boyfriend not to speak with the man and to call back if there were any further issues. The police also tried to reason with the man, but he did not cooperate. No charges have been filed.

January 16, 4:18 p.m. – Employees of a business on the corner of South Main Street and Parker Street attempted to stop a woman from leaving their property, which led to the woman calling the police. The woman was trying to donate clothes to a trash can near the store, but employees accused her of trying to put trash bags in the bin.

Employees physically blocked the front and back of his vehicle and then took photos of his vehicle.

Once the employees saw the woman calling the police, they went back inside. It is unclear whether police spoke to employees about the incident.

January 17, 5:07 p.m. – An employee of a business on Old Granite Street allegedly slammed a customer’s face against a wall as he kicked the customer and his colleagues out of the establishment. The boss felt he deserved to be kicked out, but didn’t deserve to have his face smashed against a wall.

Police spoke to the employee, noting that they had spoken to him about it twice before. No charges have been filed.

Elizabeth J. Harless