NBC Won’t Let Artists Wear Free Brittney Griner Shirts During ‘Today’ – OutKick

Macy Gray says NBC stopped her and band members from wearing “FREE BRITNEY GRINER” t-shirts while performing on the Today’s show.

Billy Wes, the band’s keyboardist, told TMZ that Today producers demanded he flip his shirt over to hide Brittney Griner’s name before performing on Thursday.

“They said I couldn’t wear it,” Wes explained.

Gray also told reporters she planned to wear a shirt pressuring America to do more to bring Griner back to the country.

Griner has been detained in Russia since February, when the Federal Security Service claimed she was carrying vape cartridges containing hash oil, a substance illegal in Russia.


Gray didn’t tell NBC why banned shirts for representation.

However Today didn’t allow the band to make a political statement about Griner, it made Gray respond for recently challenging the idea that a man can turn into a woman.

“Just because you’re going to change your parts doesn’t mean you’re a woman, sorry,” Gray said Monday in an interview with Piers Morgan.

What is a woman… I would say a human being with breasts. How about starting there? And a vagina.

Hoda Kotb asked Gray to explain:

Today did not respond to a request for a Fox Digital comment on the show preventing the band from wearing FREE BRITNEY GRINER t-shirts”.

Elizabeth J. Harless