Never-before-seen X Factor footage reveals the star quality Simon Cowell first saw in Harry Styles – and it wasn’t his voice

Twelve years later, The X Factor released never-before-seen footage of Harry Styles auditioning for the talent show that would spur him to global success with boy band One Direction.

Seeing the extended version of the video, with Styles’ signature charm on full screen, fans are convinced that his charisma – more than his voice – carried him over the line.

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The never-before-seen video also shattered another myth — exactly what Styles sang for his audition.

For years, after watching videos released by the X Factor publicity machine, fans believed Styles performed Isn’t She Lovely.

But it has now been revealed, via never-before-seen footage, that Stevie Wonder’s hit was actually the second song he performed – after a less than spectacular attempt at a different song.

Harry Styles in 2010. Credit: X factor

The new uncut video shows the 16-year-old starting to sing Train’s song, Hey Soul Sister.

But Judge Simon Cowell abruptly stopped him and asked him to sing something a capella instead.

That’s when Styles launched into Isn’t She Lovely.

Charm and confidence

Styles’ natural charisma also surprised fans.

While the 28-year-old is known today for his charm and confidence, some were surprised he showed it during such a nerve-wracking process – an audition in front of a large studio audience.

When Cowell asked the then-teen to talk a bit about himself, he began, “Uh, I work at a bakery.”

“What are you doing at the bakery? Cowell asked.

“I serve, like, the cakes in the store,” Styles said, describing serving a cake.

Harry Styles in 2021. Credit: Antoine Pham/Getty Images

“Okay and what’s popular right now?” asked the X Factor judge.

“Sorry?” asked the future singer of Watermelon Sugar, leaning forward.

After Cowell repeated the question, Styles said, “In the store? Viennese fantasies are always preferred.

“Yeah, I like that,” Cowell said before asking, “What else?”

Simon Cowell mocks a young Harry. Credit: X factor

“Uh, millionaire shortbread, big sale,” Styles said, before sharing what was going down.

Placing a hand on his hip and shaking his head, Styles thought about it for a moment before responding, “White Coburg,” representing a thumbs down gesture.

Laughing at Styles, the judge asked “What is that?”

With a big smile on her face, the soon-to-be pop star explained the candy as she used her hands to pull the dessert.

“And what about donuts,” Cowell asked.

Harry Styles speaks to the judges. Credit: X factor

“Doughnuts are good”

Styles paused before saying, “Oh, the donuts are good,” prompting laughter from the judges and the crowd.

From there, Styles went on to explain his plans to study law, sociology, business and “something else but I’m not sure yet.”

When asked why he was auditioning, he replied, “My mother always told me I was a good singer, and so did my friends.”

Cowell smiled, “Moms don’t normally know.”

Audition of Harry Styles. Credit: X factor

“Yeah that’s what I mean,” Styles agreed, “so I wanted to come ask people who know.”

Styles then began performing her version of Hey Soul Sister, before Cowell stopped her.

“I don’t know if it’s the track that throws you off, but can I hear something just you without the music? Cowell asked.

Styles then performed her well-known audition song, Isn’t She Lovely, wowing fans with her vocals.

At the end of the performance, he greeted the audience with a cheeky smile.

Harry Styles performs Hey Soul Sister. Credit: X factor

“Born to be a big star”

Fans in the comments section couldn’t believe that “the way he talks and his facial expression haven’t changed.”

“The leaning forward ‘Sorry?’ he always does it crying,” one said.

“He had a lot of charisma even at 16. Loved watching that,” one comment said, followed by another user who said, “His personality was about 75% of why he was successful “.

“It’s clear how much Harry enchants audiences. He was definitely born to be a big star,” one user said.

Harry Styles is performing in 2022. Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Coachella

A commentator was surprised by his presence at 16 years old.

“His confidence was way more than you would expect from a young little boy,” the comment said.

“I love Harry but this take on Soul Sister was… rough. I think Simon saw potential mostly because he was so charming and funny at the start. I’m so glad they gave him another luck with Isn’t She Lovely,” said a comment on the song change.

One fan agreed, crediting the performer’s charm: “If Harry’s real name being Harry Styles wasn’t enough indication that he was born to be a star, then his X-Factor audition definitely is. .

“He came out on that stage looking so incredibly captivating and charming and talented and he was also so unintentionally funny as if he really was.”

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