PHOTOS: First class floats, shirt race and welly whanging at Eynsham Carnival

Eynsham Carnival had a brilliant turnout last Saturday – despite the rain – as the local community turned out in force to watch the traditional shirt race, parade and join in the carnival festivities on the playgrounds.

Two years of pent-up creativity meant that shirt race entries were of a particularly high standard, with some ingenious engineering feats including a movable pool table, Top Gun jet and Shrek’s toilet.

The annual event, which at nearly 80 years is one of the oldest carnivals in the county, began with Morris dancing in the square and then at the Swan Pub.

Then there was a parade followed by the judging of the floats, a craft fair, arena acts, a funfair and the famous “shirt race” – a contest of improvised prams.

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Carnival queen Amaya Arnold and her attendants enjoyed their day on the grounds where there was dancing, a stuntman and a pig show.

Oxford Mail:

The welly whanging was a big hit with the winner throwing 31.94 yards.

Local Martin Harris said: “Bravo to everyone who made this possible. The people were so lovely whether it was in the shirt race, the flower festival, in the procession or in the field.”

And Eynsham resident Kelly Lyon added: “It was brilliant what a day! I was disgusted it was going to rain but I literally didn’t care! Thank you everyone… what a place to live.”

Oxford Mail:

Other entertainment included performances by the Deep Down Brass Band, the Jez Avery Stunt Show, the Hogg Show, Armaleggan Morris, Punch and Judy and a display by Sheridan the Sheepdog.

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Elizabeth J. Harless